Congratulations to @HeshmatAlavi for getting his Twitter Page back.

I did not Congratulate you on Twitter because I want to leave some distance in order to avoid causing you any trouble.

Keep up the good work ^_^


@THR @HeshmatAlavi How did this happen? It was so great to hear this good news.

@THR @lolajl @HeshmatAlavi

I seriously doubt it. They've been whacking down conservatives left and right ever since that tweet.

@Elaines2cents @lolajl @HeshmatAlavi

Just a guess.
Actually, I had a hunch he will be back because it looked so bad for Twitter at the time.
I think I found out before he did as well.

And we did make lots of noise. This one of dozens I did myself ^_^

@THR @lolajl @HeshmatAlavi

Sorry I missed these or I would have shared them. I have them tagged to read later. Thank you for your fight for justice for @HeshmatAlavi

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