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What is best in life?

To crush the left, to see them driven out of public life, and to hear the lamentations of their genderfluids.

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Conservatives let themselves get frustrated for no reason.

They're all over social media complaining about how the fake news media is not covering the Clinton/Epstein connection.

Let's try to live in reality. Fake News is the propaganda arm of the DNC. They're not going to cover the story. It's only "Orange Man Bad" 24/7.

Accept the fact and get over it.

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Sundance finally on board.

Look SD deserves credit. Like many, he's busted his gut working on rescaling the truth.

He's always been an excellent fact finder, just not that great at connecting dots.

Plus The Hannity Posse got to him in 2018 and led him down BS alley.

He sounds a bit nuts in this piece and (er) overestimates his own importance, but it sounds like someone has pointed him in the right direction.

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Hi all, I decided to come back home.

Hope that you're well.

Like many I've grown impatient about indictments etc, but what can you do? It is what it is.

It's obvious that Trump, Barr & Co have a very detailed, calibrated take down plan and they're not changing it for anyone. Why would they?

Meanwhile I've been enjoying @ThomasWic Wictors superb threads on twitter. He's on fire!

All the best

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Been watching the feed of the Portland protests that @drawandstrike linked.

Random thought: the cultural revolution has not come as far as we all fear -- Mattel hasn't introduced Riot Barbie yet. 😜

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In other words, Rush Limbaugh will get a statue.

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It is the strangest thing that since President Trump made it a crime to damage Statues.....

And people are being arrested for same...

Not one has been taken down.

Strange isn't it.

There's a lesson here for people everywhere.

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Thanks you all for your support of our fight for justice for General Flynn. He has been effectively exonerated now. It's just a matter of time before it's dismissed.

For anyone still suffering from anxiety about polls: read the comments on this article on Yahoo!Finance, look at the likes/dislikes on each comment, then consider that this is...Yahoo! Finance, not QV. 😀

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The Democrats all-out assault on Democracy seeking to turn November's into a mail-in election is their last-ditch effort to steal an election they know they can't win.

Their promises of "violence" if Trump "steals the election" is a glimpse into their dark souls.

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The Democrats are tearing each other apart. The unity they enforced through power and money after McGovern's 1972 landslide defeat is now completely gone.

The moron civil war is on, and the establishment is experiencing just the slightest hint of what conservatives go through every day. A tiny hint.

Much, more to come as those Leftist fools smash each other to pieces

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MUST WATCH: The local community in Tulsa is embracing Adrian Robinson, who has been following the President's rallies & selling Trump items for years.

Customers stop by daily to show support.

Robinson says he's "never seen the support" that's in Tulsa.

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It’s not even politics anymore.

Good vs evil.

Can you feel it?

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@loc1000 @ThomasWic

"dinosaurs staring at an approaching asteroid."

What I came to call the Dinosaur Legacy Media some time ago.

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We are all gonna die!

As of today, 0.0015% of the world's population has contracted the Wuhan Sniffles.

We live in a planet dominated by cowards and retards.

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I say "Let 'em howl" !!

This says it all: Chairman Raul Grijalva, an avowed ecosocialist and advocate for total D.C. control of western lands

More than half of the Bureau of Land Management’s Washington, D.C. staff quit their jobs after being told they would be transferred to Colorado and other western states to be closer to the lands they manage.

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