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What is best in life?

To crush the left, to see them driven out of public life, and to hear the lamentations of their genderfluids.

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Posts of this nature are circulating among Iranians on social media, encouraging each other to never play into the regime's propaganda and lies.

The mullahs do not represent us Iranians.

We will get rid of them. Soon.

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Brian's latest thread.

"It’s public knowledge the Obama administration tipped off Iran that Israel was about to whack Soleimani.

Kerry was meeting in France with top Iranian officials yet again just a few weeks ago.

Trump was 100% correct and right not to tell Congress in advance."

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@BarleyMalt @REX

There is a man who was instrumental in changing the way we collect intelligence in the Middle East.

One day we will recognize him for all he's done and continues to do.

@GenFlynn @JosephFlynn

Or "wondrous", if you prefer accurate spelling...😜

Happy New Year to everyone! May 2020 be filled with wonderous developments for all!

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Happy New Year to all our service members here in the States and overseas - Stay Safe. We Love You.

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The Trump years will be regarded in history as an era where many eyes were opened about how much the federal bureaucracy and big media held the average American person in contempt.

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Yet another own goal for the dreadful movement.

MeToo has emboldened liars all over the world, to make false accusations against men. It has caused huge damage in workplaces and confused a generation of young women, by falsely claiming that men are violent sexual predators.

The irony? Women's interests have taken a big hit, because of this misandrist ideology.

In other words it's another leftist progressive disaster. This philosophy of hate must be eradicated.

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Too many GOP senators are weak and wishy washy, so they would not have agreed to playing a part in the destruction of the Democrats.

Therefore Trump had to fool the Democrats into demanding their own destruction.

McConnell will promise to not coordinate, and Trump's lawyers will call Trump to the stand.

What happens next will be entirely the doing of the Democrats.

They will have made it a condition for having a trial.

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Nasty "Environmental Activists" camp finally cleaned up.....

It Took $1.1 Million And 835 Dumpsters, But The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Camps Have Been Cleaned Out

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Hannity just cancelled me for tonight. But there are current interviews today on OANN with @JackPosobiec and with @AndrewWilkow

Judge Sullivan canceled our November hearing because of our "comprehensive briefing." Sounds like he will just issue an order. I would expect he will at least require the prosecutors to give us more of the information we requested. Stay tuned, thank you for all the support & please spread the word on all your social media! .

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LOUISIANA ELECTION. Exit polls and post election surveys are in. Republicans received 25% of the Black vote. GOP Black voters was 291% over 2015. #1 issue for Conservative voting Black Voters was Democrats attacking President Trump.

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And you know what?

Those kinds of videos have millions and millions of views.

Isn't that great?

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How stupid are these people? The launch of SpyGate was successful back in 2016 because the plotters were in key positions within the federal government’s law enforcement & intelligence agencies, holding back the Steele Dossier & using their media allies to leak selective allegations.

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Yes, Francis, he was talking about you.

“Today I have a message for those open border activists who cloak themselves in the rhetoric of social justice: your policies are not just. Your policies are cruel and evil,”

“You are empowering criminal organizations that prey on innocent men, women and children. You put your own false sense of virtue before the lives, wellbeing and countless innocent people,”

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Here are some reactions from Germany in an article about Trump ignoring Greta and his tweet about her:

"Greta is actually accomplishing that Trump looks reasonable"

"Trump is getting more and more likeable"

"Trump shows the false prophet the cold shoulder. Very good!"

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