If she does not like a Kurdish prison in Syria, she can go back to Hodeida or whatever hole her parents crawled out of.

@lilly18 Thanks for wasting our time and judicial resources, traitor. Rest in hell.

If she doesn't like where she is now, she can see if there are other Islamic countries who will accept her.

BUT she should NOT be allowed back in our country under any circumstances.


For some reason, using a cartoon dog in response to her is most appropriate.


Interesting snippet from your shared article:

"The Obama administration initially determined she was not a citizen and notified her family that it was revoking her passport in January 2016.
Babies born in the US are typically granted citizenship, but those born to foreign diplomatic officers are exceptions, under the Immigration and Nationality Act."

@lilly18 My mother always said, “it’s the corrupt judges”. And now we see a turn.

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