‘Practically a TRUMP RALLY’! Trump Supporters CRASH Biden Rally in PA!!!... youtu.be/SkIoIsSbg1g via @YouTube

Really good one!! Proving apple didn't fall far from the corrupt tree.


In the beginning the 'Mortality Rate' was the key issue, now it's all about the cases. They screamed more testing, just so the could move to 'more cases'!

Attention Democrat Morons!

On the left we have a Coyote, or human smuggler.

On the right we have an animal called a Coyote.

4. Recently, A G Barr reversed decades of DOJ policy to allow DOJ to permit DOJ to publicly announce investigations into election fraud.

Dems and libturds were 'outraged'. Meaning 'panicked'.

So rest easy. If the Dems have something crooked set up in Pennsylvania or anyone else, they are likely walking right into a trap.

And God help any Dems working with Iran, Russia or China.

Because DJT won't.

In the meantime, VOTE like your lives depend on it. Because they do.


3. We have seen several disturbing examples of Democrat election fraud being busted by DOJ in recent months.

IMO these can only have been uncovered because the Feds has agents on the inside.



2. In September this year, DHS refused to share a report with Congress that apparently corroborates Trump's repeated allegations about election fraud.

We know why things aren't shared with Congress - it tips off the Dems.


1. To those worried about the Democrats 'stealing the election', don't be.

Trump had this covered a long time ago.

Don't get me wrong, it's a legit concern. Nothing is beyond them.

However, in early 2018 Trump tasked DHS with unprecendented power to put in place defenses to Democrat schemes.

Just my opinion, but they learned a lot in the 2018 mid-terms and decided to keep gathering evidence all the way to today.


Trump doing this with the big screen of Biden comments is the best thing. 😂

This week is the pivotal week.

Early in person voting began in Florida, but not in every county yet.

GOP turnout is extremely strong, including in counties that trend Democrat.

This is a graph showing the flip two days ago, when the Dem advantage in EV over Republicans stopped growing.

That advantage is now rapidly declining. This includes both voting by mail and early in-person voting.

@rising_serpent: "This is true and profoundly sad.
Illegal immigration is a crisis of human and child trafficking. It isn't a surprise that people in favor of illegal immigration have not the faintest clue of what the word coyote means.


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