LN Presents: Trump’s Order On Regulation Cuts – READ IN FULL Read President Trump's latest Executive Order in full here. Read more... 411s.co/nnF6O

Big Trouble In Little China As America Severs Ties Has the U.S. turned the tables on China in the post-Coronavirus world? Read more... 411s.co/pSYwg

Will $8.3B Rid Us Of The Coronavirus? Congress Thinks So Is bureaucracy about to wast billions of dollars in the hunt for coronavirus cure? Read more... 411s.co/oggGX

South Carolina Dem Debate Exposes Vapidity And Viciousness Did the debate stage offer any serious alternative to Bernie Sanders? Read more... 411s.co/u7AQY

The Cost Of Candidacy: How Much Are 2020 Dems Spending? Follow the money? A look at how the Democratic candidates are managing their finances. Read more... 411s.co/y3W6p

Live Updates all day from Richmond, VA. Gun rights rally at the Capitol complex on our Twitter Account Read more... 411s.co/8zSe8

Top 20 Conservative News Sites To Read In 2020 The results are in! Who makes it into the top 20 this year? Read more... 411s.co/2zGSq

Trump Gets His USMCA As House Votes Next Week USMCA has something for both sides to crow about. Read more... 411s.co/937V9

The Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Is Sweeping Virginia Gun owners are demanding local government protection from the state – and getting it. Read more... 411s.co/uH4AG

Edwards Wins Louisiana Again – Despite Trump’s Best Efforts The president sought a referendum against national Dems but came up short – again. Read more... 411s.co/iUNyj

You’re Never Alone: Tech Tyranny And Digital Despots Facebook and Twitter take opposing stances on political ads and free speech. Read more... 411s.co/02Or3

Racist Impact Of Open Borders Illegal immigration affects the black community, more than most people realize. Read more... 411s.co/6ulWb

Clinton Desperate To Out-Trump Trump In 2020? Hillary wants another bite at the apple, but her strategy seems contradictory. Read more... 411s.co/6KC5y

Has Pierre Delecto Killed Mitt Romney’s Political Career? A self-styled paragon of ethical behavior, Romney ‘fesses up to Twitter pseudonym. Read more... 411s.co/jniZ0

Defying Death: People Pass, But The Swamp Lives On Elijah Cummings' wife is expected to claim the seat he held for decades as Baltimore disintegrated. Read more... 411s.co/I84Pz

Media Cooks Up A Fresh Nothingburger Over Mulvaney Comments Trump’s opponents tilt at another windmill in hopes of impeachment. Read more... 411s.co/9DhHJ

If I Only Had A Brain: AOC The Action Figure? It has been a busy week for AOC: haircuts, toys, and a primary challenge Read more... 411s.co/cYrV0

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