That’s our Governor, once again, sticking it to ‘em! 👊🔥🇺🇸

“Financial documents obtained by The Federalist via an open records request indicate that in 2021 alone, CCAM raked in $10,048,439 from the federal government to serve 352 unaccompanied alien children in the state of Florida — more than $28,500 per child.” (.Note: CCAM= Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Miami)

@leslied_g ?

"But more than any other religious group, it is America’s Catholic bishops who lend moral support and cover to the current border situation, and who thunder against any change in the status quo that might possibly mean fewer illegal immigrants and fewer victimized children in tents run by criminal gangs just praying to God to protect them and their mothers."

They may be waking up.

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