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Trump will bring us back from this precipice with our Constitution and our God given rights well intact.

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Half Whitmer is grandstanding & embarrassing herself and her state!

Is she vying to be Vice President? Or even President?

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Hydroxychloroquine Update:
Infectious disease specialist Dr. Stephen Smith says not one patient of his that’s on the Hydroxy regimen had to be intubated - a game changer.

“I think this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I’m very serious.”

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Our President is able to remain fully alert and lucid, and to address any and all media questions, for several hours, without notes, prompters, stuttering, stammering or uncertainty.
What a marvelous, impressive man!!🇺🇸

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Trump working with these companies on tasks to solve the problems associated with COVID-19.

My Pillow
Proctor & Gamble
United Technologies

Reminds me of episodes of the Apprentice.

Retooling the economy to deal with this pandemic is second nature for Trump.

Incredible to watch.

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Idiocy got the upper hand when normal, decent fellows accepted Climate Change, —the scam formerly known as Global Warming— as dogma.

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on a side note, those navy medical ships are fucking impressive.

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Excellent news.

Boris Johnson given the all clear

Faster tests.

The H/A cocktail is 5 days.

Good Times.

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@rising_serpent: "OANN: 'we are breaking a news story about how the Kennedy Center is going to keep their bailout money and not pay their employees'

CNN and MSNBC: 'OMG! What's the My Pillow guy doing there?!?'"


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@masterblaster @Wiggumc1 @Cdubois @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Darngood @EarlThePearls @umad80 @Baline @trueblueTEX @saramangas

Can you imagine Schiff, Pelosi, Tlaib, Schumer, Paul and Feinstein rewriting the Constitution?

What a waste of time.

The whole argument is ridiculously absurd.

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Charlie Kirk
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti threatened to cut water & electricity from businesses that refuse to close

Ralph Northam made it illegal to go to church

The New Orleans Mayor threatened to halt gun sales

What about this crisis makes Democrats think they can ignore the Constitution?

Thinking face

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This could be the news we have been waiting to hear!!

On Sunday March 29th, the US registered 18,469 new daily Coronavirus cases, which was down from 19,452 on Saturday. This could very well mark the beginning of a "peak" in new Coronavirus cases in the United States.

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Both my daughters called anxious & angry that this lockdown is going to last thru the end of April. One daughter has no income & no $. I told both of them not to believe all the crap their hearing on TV. IMO, it's a fluid situation that changes hourly & daily. If things improve, DJT will open up the country as he sees fit & where he can! God willing he believes the right people as I suspect some of them are Deep State with an agenda especially the MSM & RATs.

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