My job title is graphics specialist, and I have a love of all things pixel.

I'm also pretty good at handwriting analysis, having stared at digital signatures at 1000% so many years.

This is not tinfoil hat stuff, this is my legitimate analysis.

Jill Biden is signing the Executive Orders that are going into the federal record. I would put money down in Vegas. For 15 years or more, Sleepy has signed his signature with sharpie (people often have a fave pen). He's "B" is a strike, lift pen

This morning my dad sent me a little video of a Spaniard; it goes like this (my comments in parenthesis):

“Imagine that you’ve would have been born in 1900, when you turn 14 WWI starts, and it ends with 22 million dead. Later there’s a global pandemic (Spanish Flu) that wipes 50 million, and you’re still alive and are 20 years old. When you turn 29 you survive an economic crisis that starts with the 1929 Wall Street crash which caused inflation, unemployment, famine.

Ilhan Omar refers to the cathedral at Notre Dame as "architecture" 🙄

Islamists may not have set the fire @ Notre Dame but they are celebrating it. 😡

"Notre Dame" means "Our Lady."

Mary, Mother of God.

Like humans, buildings have finite lifespans.

The maypole symbolizes the "axis mundi," the connection between heaven and earth.

Here's one take on the finite lifespan of everything earthly.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.