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Scott Adama, over @ twitter just made a valid point. He described the midterms as a battle of "give" vs "take". $10,000, loan buy back vs taking away abortion rights....he may very well have a point!

I'm in PA and I know I'm a day or two late with this comment but I seriously cannot find the words...obvious brain damage is no longer a disqualifier further US Senate.

I simply cannot accept that Joe Biden/democrats allow drug cartels to run the southern border of the United States.

My x- brother-in-law used to say,
" I look at their shoes" LOL!

Does anyone else find the cost of $500,000. for a fence around Biden's Beach house just a tad over the top? It's simply not that big of a property.

Stitches out and I can confirm I have no nerve damage in tip of finger...ouch!

Getting my stitches out today- really dodged the bullet. Tip of finger & nail bed intact and healing nicely!

Do these FBI agents have Top Secret cleatance?

Am thinking the "nuclear" stuff is pure BS but they had to come up with something so outlandish to sell this raid to the people.

The whole raid just stinks of what was done to General Flynn.

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Just before the breaking news of Mara lago, they were reporting Pelosi took her son along on her sprint to Taiwan

Just heard on FOX Mara Lago is being raided by FBI

Attitude improved. Got an appointment with more local orthopedic specialist on the 8th!

Ugh. Cut my finger pretty bad yesterday when a board cut back on my table saw. Spent 5+ hours at hospital (mostly just waiting) Have to see a hand surgeon. I called this morning and the soonest I can be seen is friday, 8 am. at an office 1 hour away. I'm calling BS as the area I live in is literally packed with doctors of all shapes and forms. Need to get my GP to recommend someone within
a 15 minute radius...

So, my HS class is having a 50 year reunion. They are using FB to promote it. I am a piranha of sorts as I am not part of the "group think liberals" that many of my x-classmates belong to. I didn't think it was a big deal until I got a private message from one of them stating, "Do you have many friends on FB who lean your way politically? Seems you don't get many likes on your rightwing posts. On a brighter note are you going to the 50th? I am." WTF? Am I being stalked?

Never fail at some point during every DJT speech I bust out laughing. Tonight he went off script and asked Lebron to be a woman because he was thinking of putting a women's team together that would be unstoppable ... 😂 🤣 😅

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