This is why we should never give a pass to the ones who engage in stolen valor.

It's a desecration.

Unforgivable, really.

A good family friend was an Ace of the Mariana Turkey Shoot.
He flew off the Essex. Lt.JG Baynard Milton. He hated the word Ace. Hated new Planes and never flew again after the war.
The Documentary Wing's highlights Baynard crash landing on board the Essex. His plane was so shot up there were no salvageable parts left. They pushed it overboard.
He told me the entire story. Holy Shit is all I can say.

In honor of the coming Maricopa County forensic audit that will reveal the STEAL and proof that Chris Miller wasn't gaslighting about Mike Pence....every single DEVO(lution) song ever...😆


Dude thought he had a mouthful of SMACK. Instead, he had a mouthful of SUCK and got PWNED SO BIGLY.

So we tell Bob Wayne we are going to see Lolli Pop!!! I’m grateful that Lolli and Pop will be apart of my sons life. If he learns half the things from Mr . Chip as I did he will become a great son, man and father.
Everyday I read something negative and how race relations are worse than ever. I disagree and I hope this is a positive loving message to many people.
This is just one story in little ol Victoria, Texas. I m sure there are millions of similar stories across the United States. /END

The Saudis and their allies use INCREDIBLY aggressive tactics, flying much lower than we're allowed to fly.

The UAE has AMMROC, where they built their copies of the AC-130 gun mounts and the copies of the A-10, using the original plans.

Money was no option, of course.

@rarity I want to know the China connections of every member of the Senate and Congress who did not object to the fraudulent election!

Nobody knows what a person truly thinks or feels.

We judge them by their ACTIONS.

Pence has made it clear that his stated religious beliefs have no bearing on his politics.

They CAN'T, because that would be unconstitutional.

And if there's one thing Pence cherishes, it's the US Constitution.


If I EVER see this miserable piece of shit in person...throat punch is a fucking go!

By way of Jovan Pulitzer's Twitter feed. This is hysterical and really well done.

What in the name of all that's holy did he just say?

On paper, it looks like he's telling Lin Wood that all the accusations made against Pence and Justice Roberts are FALSE, planted by the DOJ in order to compromise the two men.

E-mails were changed, remember?

So how did we make the leap from the FBI compromising people with fake information to the Dirty Tricks Squad revealing REAL e-mails about Pence and Justice Roberts?

This is pure insanity, and it's STUPID.


Trump invited Brad Parscale.

That proves that the story about Trump firing Parscale for incompetence is false.

It also proves that Parscale was engaged in strategic deception when he "turned against" Trump.

How many others did and are doing this?

Keep it in mind.

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