Just wait, after declassification the Class Action lawsuits Will start against those who intentionally inflicted TDS on 1/3 of the country. They will be angry. Well they are already angry so it's going to be next level pizzed off. Maggie and Maddow might wanna hide thier purses.



There will certainly be cognitive dissonance on a planetary scale. Scores of millions believe Trump is a criminal traitor and his enemies are heroes. How will they be able to handle it when the opposite turns out to be closer to the truth? It's not being wrong on one thing, it's almost the reversal of an entire worldview.

However, it might be hard to sue the Maddows of the world simply for being extremely wrong.

@knotreally @NotJustMe As far as suing the Maddows of the world mate, I think their own actions and responses will determine the further outcomes that follow after the Big exposure.

@Davel495 @knotreally @NotJustMe

I think if it’s proven that they accepted monies to promote a false narrative, the door for lawsuits opens much wider.

@knotreally @NotJustMe the honest truth is they are so far down the rabbit hole, even as their heroes are put away in jail, they will in their heads still hail them as heroes and freedom fighters who are suffering political retribution.

The DNC purposefully created themselves a cult, and anyone who has ever had anything to do with cults will tell you, deprogramming people is extremely difficult if not impossible. The smart ones find a way out on their own...

The majority will eventually come around.

I know folks who swore OJ was innocent way back then.

Today they vehemently deny they ever thought such a thing

@knotreally @NotJustMe maybe as high as 10-15 million, but definitely not "scores."

The extreme left is a minority, they get outsized attention from the media and corrupt public figures.

For a while there were a large number of people who were uncertain about Trump, but I think that's over now.

Don't get me wrong, 15 million is a lot of people, but it's a small percentage of the US. Trying to reach out to the looney left is futile, and we don't have to. It's the confused middle that matters.

@knotreally @NotJustMe

you don't solve planetary sized cognitive dissonance with a lawsuit. it requires re-education and mitigation of causes.

as for media collusion, i think a case is being solidly built that they were co-conspirators not simply 'wrong'.

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