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Damani Felder

When Trump gets re-elected, can y'all radical leftists move to a different country? Like for real this time?

Sincerely, Everyone.

9:44 PM · Aug 5, 2020

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@Joycevor @Dawnz @MEMA @JM
IMHO, whatever it takes. Find bliss. POTUS Trump and FLOTUS Melania - and folks like Gen Flynn - did not give up their bubble of exquisite life for suffering, but for thriving. When we embrace life of our choosing, that is what they were striving for, because this nation walked up to a precipice of losing that. But kudos to us, because ENOUGH stood up Spring of 2016 and swept Donald through a 17-establishment-contested primary. Then we got him in. Let's do it again.

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@Trickster @RonOgletree @masterblaster @Lonestar @wziminer

Texas Loves Trump
How did we go from George Floyd & a dirty cop to, "Kill a White on sight"? Anyone else feel this was all planned? So white lives don't matter?


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We must mock the Left, dismiss them, and treat them with the contempt they deserve.

We must stop respecting them and assigning them superpowers.

They have nothing except rage and hatred. That does not win elections

They still live in the heads of conservatives far too often. That has to end for our power and confidence to be fully released

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The DEA’s “Operation Cassandra” was intentionally blocked; while Obama allowed drug-running into the U.S., weapons procurement to kill Americans & money laundering to facilitate all the terrorist activity. Supporting Hezbollah was down-played & intentionally permitted by Obama.


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Random lady at a local store: “You’re supposed to be wearing a mask.” Me: “I’m supposed to be wearing underwear too, yet here we are.”

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Just some thoughts on DJT rally. The only word I can describe it as is “loose”. After the calamitous months we have gone through, one would think POTUS would be tense and measured in his words. Not this guy. Not even Churchill during the Blitz, could one find a more reassuring message; coupled with humor, humility, and a crystal-clear vision for our future. Military Science 101 asks, “Are leaders made, not born?” I can tell you DJT was born for this.

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Since I’ve ramped up my voter registration efforts, the left has been attacking me non-stop.

I’d like to ask for 2 prayers, if that’s okay:

1) For supernatural wisdom & 2) For spiritual armor to protect me from those who want to do me harm

These would mean a lot.

Tons of prayers coming your way, Scott. If you pray, folks, please get on board. 🙏 🙏 🙏

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STOP VOTER FRAUD! Don't give in to mail-in voting. Get out and vote. Wear a damn hazmat suit if you think you have to. (But you don't)

Dr. Gina - America’s Voice News

My friend just sent me a photo of the voter *ID Card* her husband received in the mail at their Miami home.

The problem: He isn’t, nor has he ever been an American citizen, nor has he ever registered to vote.

He is fully able to vote in November & he didn’t ask to be.

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I don't think Obama is concerned about his reputation right now - his worship of himself remains intact. He sees himself as too good for this country, like Hillary.

He sounds like a man who is terrified because he has lost control. His 'phone call' is a stupid attempt to regain control of a world of power he once dominated. But his arrogant and obnoxious lies only made it worse.

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Michael Nöthem tweeted:

Barack Hussain Obama is the first Ex-President to ever speak against his successor, which was long tradition of decorum and decency.

Should anyone really be surprised?

I SERIOUSLY doubt it...


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Elon Musk says Tesla will ‘immediately’ leave California after coronavirus shutdowns forced the company to close its main car factory

Elon Musk says Tesla may leave its Palo Alto hdq & Fremont, California factory.

In a tweet Sat morning, the chief exec continued his outrage against shelter-in-place orders that have forced most non-essential businesses to close.

Last week, Musk likened the rules to fascism, and urged leaders to “give people their goddamn freedom back.”


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Gov Newsom signed an executive order today that every registered voter in California will get a mail-in ballot.

Pair that with previous order allowing people to go door-to-door during the lockdown specifically to "collect ballots" ... ballot harvesting is already in full swing, the Democrats are cheating again because they know it's the only way they can win anything.

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President Trump:

Congratulations to former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, and all others involved, on a complete and total exoneration (with a 9-0 vote by the U.S. Supreme Court) on the Obama DOJ Scam referred to as “Bridgegate.”

The Democrats are getting caught doing very evil things, and Republicans should take note.

This was grave misconduct by the Obama Justice Department! @GovChristie


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Who wants to see AG Barr dish out the truth?

These maniacs will go after him and he'll be:

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Sean Davis

It's also beginning to look like the corrupt scheme to entrap Flynn originated in the Oval Office in January 5, 2017. That's the meeting that Susan Rice chose to memorialize in a bizarre Inauguration Day memo claiming Obama told them to do everything "by the book."

3:40 PM · May 7, 2020

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Sean Davis @seanmdav

In its motion to dismiss charges against Flynn, DOJ says it's not just that the FBI never had a legitimate legal reason to interview Flynn, but that there's not sufficient evidence that Flynn actually lied to the FBI during its illegal January 24, 2017 ambush interview of Flynn.


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