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There's a photo that shows Americans GUARDING Nazis who ran the camp.

Anti-Americans claim that the photo shows Americans MURDERING the Nazis.

It's like the claim that Americans murdered Japanese soldiers out of racism.

US marine on Okinawa spent THREE HOURS talking this officer into surrendering. He had a leaflet that promised him safety, but he didn't believe it.

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my father was not at this camp but another when it was liberated. All the guards and officers had put on prisoner's clothing and were trying to hide amongst them. Big mistake. They stuck out like sore thumbs because they were all fat and well fed. He said they shot a few and then they all surrendered. The people in the camp were not sure what to make of it. They were afraid of Nazis so much that they didn't turn them in because they thought it was a trap.

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Auschwitz commander Josef Kramer gave the British a tour of the camp after they captured him.

This is how the Brits conducted the tour.

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One can feel the evil of this place of such horror. Perhaps someone should have AOC watch.

"Chilling drone images of Auschwitz"

"Though the camp is currently maintained as a World Heritage Site, educating thousands of visitors each year, the mere sight of the camp's vast reach is a powerful and evocative image. In the video below from BBC, drone footage presents the camp in an almost surreal view, capturing the cold & chilling exterior in a way that few have seen it."

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Though I voted for all the local and most of the state stuff (except where CA's jungle primary left me without options) I left the president boxes unchecked. In the Soviet Socialist Republic of California the effort would have been pointless anyway, being a lock for Felonia von Pantsuit.

A CA win for DJT in 2020 remains a long shot but I've no doubt he'll do MUCH better. At the very least he'll get one more vote he didn't get in 2016.

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Trump’s Feud With China Is The Carbon Copy Of Reagan’s Trade War With Japan, Reagan Signed the Plaza Accord, at the Plaza Hotel In 1985, Trump bought the hotel in 1988- for the history-

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My brother the other day (who is pivoting to Trump) said 'man why does he tweet like that?'

I replied, 'you know that the guy you see on TV isn't the real Trump, right? It's a caricature he invented to use as a weapon and deceptive shield. And that every tweet is thought out, down to the spelling and grammar errors?'

He just laughed. 'Come on, man. You're not serious.'

'OK,' I replied. 'How does he win all the time?'

He had to admit, he couldn't work it out.

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He said in 1984 that his opulent lifestyle was "cute" but meaningless.

I also heard him say at a rally that he doesn't care about his business empire anymore.

I think the business empire was a cover.

I think he knew from 1969--when he began fearing for the world--that he would have to become president someday.

So he created a global network of people who would help him become the best president in our history.

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Trump has been preparing this for more than 40 YEARS.

I think his father alerted him about what was going on when Trump was in his 20s. Trump has a framed photo of him in the Oval Office.

Trump was smart. His extraordinary patience meant that for decades he could cultivate an entire network of patriots, as well as incriminating evidence, against pretty much every powerful crook in the US administration.

Trump may well be the most important American to have ever lived.

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@Cdubois @REX

Judas goats.

This universal implosion of leftism isn't accidental.

Trump left nothing to chance.

He's not winning ONLY by implementing his agenda.

He's also causing leftists to destroy themselves. He put sleepers in place years ago, and now they're doing their job.

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@Lisa22 @PilgrimsLanded @Debradelai

The one thing black Americans hate is white people being ill at ease.

Trump isn't ill at ease with anyone. He had Kanye West in the oval office to loudly preach.


That opened the floodgates. Trump is equally at home in a palace or in a Mongolian yurt (tent). Doesn't matter to him.

He's REAL, and that's why he'll win in 2020.

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-backed Houthis launch an attack targeting the fuel depot and control tower of Abha airport in southern Saudi Arabia.

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9. Marcy's good at excluding inconvenient facts and including facts that just don't exist.


Which her dwindling band of drooling leftist cretins lap up, 24/7. It's simultaneously very amusing and quite depressing.

All in a day's work for conspiracy theory wackos like Marcy Wheeler, though. What a joy it's going to be watching her and her buddies get exposed and ridiculed over the next 18 months (and further).

I can't wait.

The end.

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@PrairieRose @redwhitebluedude @RonOgletree

1. There was a group of GOPe Congress swamp who were Never Trump from Day 1, led by McCain. Kinzinger was one.

They were a very important element of the conspiracy, because they helped legitimize the Clinton/Obama Trump-Russia lie as bi-partisan.

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@PrairieRose @redwhitebluedude @RonOgletree

2. The illegal FBI/DOJ activity - esp FISA -could not have happened without Congressional legitimacy and approval, which is why Brennan and others needed to launder the lies through Congress.

It's important to remember that while it was an Obama/Clinton op, the GOPe was heavily involved, as were GOPe media (Kristol) and insiders like Rick Wilson.

Many have left Congress, McCain is dead, Kinzinger remains - it's doubtful he'll remain much longer.

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1. 'Mass shooting' : let's consider facts, not FEELZ.

A major problem is how these tragedies are defined. Below you'll find the main databases - note how many are leftist propaganda screeds.

Even so, for the sake of argument let's accept the definition of liberal site 'Mass Shooting Tracker', being 'four or more shot in one incident, at one location, at roughly the same time.'

NOTE - this includes gangs and organized crime. More of that in a sec.

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5. There are no doubt other stats and facts you guys can link/cite in relation to this issue.

However, there's only 3 conclusions a reasonable person can make:

#1 mass shootings are NOT rising. Only ~15% are public/gang/organized crime related.

#2 'white supremacy' is a myth and unhelpful to explain mass shootings. While 95%+ perps are male, the data suggests a breakdown in line with the US population distribution.

#3 FakeNews and the Dems are brain-dead partisan hacks.

The end.

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Last night I went to sleep a mechanic and woke up as an IT Specialist. Through being exceptionally honest with people and the grace of God I was offered a position after being out of the industry for over 5 years.

I approached HR and asked for time off to go through a series of classes to get back into IT. I discussed my experience and was invited to an interview 2 days later. Did not exaggerate anything and still got the offer!

I couldn't be more thrilled for this opportunity and my future.

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The Hunt : an extremely disturbing movie that in itself will guarantee millions of votes for Trump in 2020.

Every actor in it will likely never work again.

It may well bring down NBC/Universal.

They don't seem to have a clue about how this is going to backfire on them.

You know what makes this movie the most bizarre ? The leftists behind it are calling it a satire.

They think it's FUNNY.

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