Putin has created international demand for Rubles (RUB) by demanding purchases of oil & gas be settled in RUB rather than USD or EUR. He has created a petroruble. If countries want to purchase Russian energy, they must sell dollars or euros or other currencies to buy RUB. This may have significant implications for the USD.

The RUB is now back to where it was before the invasion.


What happens to an old fart like me after they become so cynical that they believe almost nothing they hear or read, outside of scientific journals and raw data? 🤔

I've provided written testimony on four State House and Senate Bills in the past 3 wks in support of 2A-related issues. This is something that is easy and effective. Once you have one letter done, you have a good template that makes the next letters easier.

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I’m not ignoring the mountains of debt, propped-up markets, and conundrum the FED’s helicopter money and artificially low interest rates has put us in. Here is why:


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Thanks to everyone for your very kind, thoughtful and generous posts regarding my health and family issues. Reading them was a very welcoming return

Omnicron is in the rearview mirror with the tiredness, I'm back up to speed and things are at least sorted out at home for now.

Back to politics

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I noticed a post by a troll who claimed I was gone from QV.

I didn't leave QV. I am posting occasionally on Telegram. I am not on FA. I was on FA for a week in August and deleted my account.

I have had Omnicron and I am recovering slowly. My energy level is low and we have had some health related issues in my family. I will be back to post again

Although I’m logged in on my iPhone and Windows pc, I’m unable to view QVTV. Is anyone else having this issue?

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This is sheer madness and, ironically, the Dems are just now starting to move away from that idea, which would have applied to Iowa as well

This is only one state and one race. The Democrats are carrying on like this across the country. No sense of self-preservation, strategy, tactics or planning.

We can expect more madness from the Dems

We won't have to wait long



Life is good!
Biden’s bullshit Build Back Better is dead!

? There has been a huge shift in betting odds in the VA race in the past 3-4 hours to now heavily favor McAuliffe ?

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.