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Let me get this straight: people were burnt alive in excruciating agony, suffering unimaginable horrors in their last moments towards a death you wouldn't wish upon anyone, but she's the victim here because she's Muslim?

Got it.


I find it difficult to see Omar's face or hear her smug anti-American, anti-Semitic voice spewing lies and vitriol.


Some of Omar’s finest moments

A complaint from JW says substantial, compelling & unrefuted evidence was uncovered that Rep. Omar may have committed crimes in violation of both fed law & MN state law: perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state & fed tax fraud & fed student loan fraud

Expressing joy after a fed judge ruled an FBI terror watch list was unconstitutional. Not a crime BUT shows where her true loyalty lies

“Some ppl did something”

Campaign finance violations

@SpiceOfOurLife @kbrendell

Not nuts. Not used to being called out and not being treated with unearned deference

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