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EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Weiner moves back in with Huma Abedin as he's spotted in a tank top and shorts using a trolley to roll in designer garment bags, a hockey stick and suitcases into his family home after prison stint for sexting 15-year-old girl.

@kbrendell Huma Abedin must have an agenda. No sane woman would take that scumbag back after what he did.

@paul_schmehl Wives and husbands can’t testify against each other. I believe that’s the reason.

@paul_schmehl @kbrendell

Well, she has learned from the master, her bff Hillary, on staying with a scumbag husband so, there’s that 😕

@paul_schmehl @kbrendell

I watched that movie WEINER back in 2016. Morbid curiosity I guess. He is a truly bizarre freak of nature and their relationship dynamic is even stranger. She was a quiet, aloof observer to his antics. Almost no emotion. And at the time I couldn’t figure out why they had made that documentary though I later read it was to improve his image to the public. FAIL 😂

@kbrendell Well, that tells us all we need to know about Huma Abedin, doesn't it?


Because of his low-level designation, Weiner's information won't show up in the state's online sex offender registry but will be available via a toll-free telephone number.

If people are searching areas in the neighborhood where sex offenders live, this will never show up on the registry. But if you the person's name, you can call an 800 number, Go figure

I am sure the neighbors in that building are thrilled to have him move in.


Peephole mag says he was moving his things out. Who knows ....

“They are most certainly not back together,” says a friend of the former couple, explaining that what tabloid photographers captured was Weiner removing some of his belongings from his estranged wife’s home. “Those were not boxes going in. They were old boxes going out.”


"Is that a hockey stick in your pants, or are you Anthony Weiner?"

Okay I just want to know what Anthony Wiener needs a hockey stick for...

Or maybe I don’t. ...🤣🤣🤣

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