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"A Vietnam Vet Pal Comments on the Passing Scene

I absolutely believe we will have civil war in this country – maybe even starting as soon as Trump’s 2nd term is over. The leftists will not let another Republican President be elected."


Unfounded pessimism, really.

While no one has a crystal ball, it appears that folks are being mesmerized again by a tiny, gathering of AntiFa stragglers. They are weakening, not strengthening.

BLM has taken to heckling DEMOCRAT candidates, and Lefties aren't even showing up at Dem rallies, much less to generate a "civil war."

Opinion? A Democrat does not win the WH for a generation.

@chrislavers @kbrendell

You mean like 1.5 MILLION registrants purged from voter roles in L.A. County ALONE?

Or, like GOP Pete Flores defeating Democrat in SD 19 in Texas for the first time in 139 years?

Scat Francisco and Portland may have shit on the streets, but America is gearing up for a wonderful Renaissance. Check out @JustTheRealNews . Almost DAILY "serious" stuff being done.

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