Watching the "squad's" feeble attempt to navigate Trump's political minefield, is extremely entertaining. 😁

You can't make this shit up. 🤣

Just noticed the time! See you tomorrow after apointment - Good Night (and thanks for the laughs.)

A giant bait ball looks like it's ready to swallow a diver whole in this amazing pic taken in the Cabo Pulmo Marine Protected Area.


Her sign of purity.

Yet she utters, “p*ssy” on air. I haven’t seen any outrage about this on social media or the news.

She is outraged that a citizen used this word in a private conversation. Her hypocrisy is stifling.

When will she begin to call out her birth country’s abuse of women’s rights?

Someone get these women off the stage!

@REX Being unfamiliar with this option I looked it up. For those who also don't know here it is:

(PS I love this forum! I learn so much!!)


Expulsion! YES. The word has a lovely, explosive sound.


@REX I watched this spectacle and thought that Nancy's jaw must have hit the floor realizing that SHE and her appeasement apparatus have created these child-monsters. To get these idiots on national television saying for ALL the US to see what their actual platform is and how much they hate this president, going so far as stating proven lies as fact, was brilliant on Trump's part. Gotta thank the Judas Goats involved because I am sure they PUSHED them to do this presser. Brilliant!

@Alex_Graham @REX
Sigh...he's a family friend and from my hometown. I promise you, he was not always this inept. It's like he went to Congress and lost his marbles.

1. Trump's genius at work.

'Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.' - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Justice Democrats sure took Trump's bait. This press conference was also a direct snub at Nancy Pelosi.

This is a Democratic Party, in civil war and freefall.

And a massive headache now looms for Pelosi and Schumer. What are their options?

"While the media is going batcrap crazy about "Muh tweets" about literal communists, Trump and cocaine Mitch are adding a 42nd circuit judge to the Third Circuit. "

Breaking911 (@Breaking911) Tweeted:

DEVELOPING: Thousands without power in Washington, D.C.; Electric company says not sure when power will be restored

Seth Rich leaked to Wikileaks?

Entirely plausible. If true, this would be the reference Mark Warner was making about the devastating information implicating the Democrats, in his texts to Waldman in 2017.

We need gold standard proof, however. And please, no conspiracy theories on Rich's murder. That's a separate issue.

@umad80 @DuaneCates

Also, saying, "Go back to your shithole" is an excellent way of taking the wind out of their sails.

Remember the Congolese who climbed the Statue of Liberty and then read a "F*ck America" poem?

In her home country, the army practices terroristic cannibalism.

Making her the face of a movement was a catastrophic error in judgement.

Judas goats are real.

@ThomasWic @umad80 @DuaneCates

For a comment to be racist, it must be false.

Falsity is the key characteristic.

If the statement isn't false, it's not racist. It may be shocking, even offensive, but NOT racist.

Being lectured to by the likes of Omar and Tahlib on democracy, is akin to being lectured to by the Grand Wizard of the Klan on racial harmony.

Trump is absolutely correct to expose these people and shove their hypocrisy straight back down their throats. We need more of it.

@Silver @kbrendell

I tried making that face. It made me feel crazy as a shithouse rat.

There once was a press conference with four idiots, the purpose was to attack the President of the United States.

All they managed to do was manage to defend a terrorist organization and fail to answer key questions, and draw more attention to themselves.

The merely hoisted themselves on their own petard...

Afterwards, Nancy Pelosi was seen running to the nearest saloon.

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