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>> Hey... I grew up on a dairy farm & know all about having to pull a calf out.

Once time my dad & I had to help grandpa with a problem birth. Dad had to reach in & tie a rope around the calf's legs & then we had to use a block & tackle to pull the calf out. Fortunately, the calf survived.

I could tell you a lot more stories about life on a dairy farm...


Thank God for an uncommon man, President Trump, for just such a time.

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@redwhitebluedude I spoke with a good friend earlier today about this. She works at a big name bank in NYC. She is apolitical and talked about the TDS spewed by co-workers. She is thunderstruck by the hate that these people now feel entitled to let loose, even though they do nothing for the people they use to wail. She can't understand where all of the hate suddenly came from.
I pointed out that there is no way their lives were fantastic right up til Trump's win. @KenLarkin @mikeb

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is prepared to go to court with two "sanctuary cities," Denver, Colorado, and New York City, if they fail to provide personal information on illegal immigrants with criminal records released in each city instead of being transferred to ICE.

Here is Trump's message to the Liberals!🤣 🤣 You have to love this man, he is an all American rather than a Libtard,

Super interesting thread by Greg Rubini on Eric Ciaramella, the whistleblower.

Contains video you will probably not see on YouTube. He explains why.

If you are on the big bad poopy bluebird, go over there to look at more interesting comments under the thread.


China has a problem, no doubt.
But this is no way to control/affect a populous. Monsters are in control over there & we have people running for office here promoting that style of governance. Insane Democrats pushing commie socialism. Stone cold rats wanting power over you

Heeeeete we GO!


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I've been thinking about the method behind the Democrats' madness.

It's pretty amazing.

And it's FAR bigger than a coup against the president.

In case you missed this morning's defense of President Trump. I haven't watched it yet. I hear it's really good.


In case you would rather have an abbreviated, concise, somewhat humorous synopsis of today's opening presentations in the Senate...

@Unseen1_unseen did a great job of it over on the big bad poopy bluebird. Here it is.

Look for unforgettable characters The Puma, Mr. Pat, The Undertaker and Big Mac Naddy.




🤔... With Alinsky it's all about creating the optics. The illusion of something when nothing exists. The base enjoys it, indeed they eat it up, until they realize nothing has happened and they're still hungry. Same model as socialism in government. And same final outcome.

The Hill (@thehill) Tweeted:
EARLIER: Impeachment managers roll in boxes of evidence for the Senate.

t.co/tRf6id196c twitter.com/thehill/status/122

Breaking911 (@Breaking911) Tweeted:

BREAKING: China virus toll rises to 54 dead, more than 300 new cases - AFP


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