See these photos. See the progression?

See the last photo? I'll take her fashion statement any day of the week. Every day.

I. Will. Not. Be. Hoodwinked. And I Will Never. Never. Live covered head to toe at the dictate of any human being. NEVER. Not even to display our beloved American flag, for Heaven's sake!

Check out the various ads that pop up on your social media with masks of every color of the rainbow and millions of patterns. Videos on how to make your own.

Make no mistake. We are (from the viewpoint of those who would impose control over us, especially control over us women) supposed to be in process of "conditioning" so to speak. Nancy Pelosi has spent quite a bundle of $$ making sure each mask matches her outfit of the day. Ilhan Omar makes a fashion statement with her color coordinated head diapers.


Our local TV station has I guess what you might call a public service advertisement about "wearing your mask." The woman starts by saying (not verbatim because I can't remember and it's not been on in the last few minutes) something like:

"It's not just a fashion statement..."
and ends with:
"So, please. Wear your mask."

Big, big smile on her face.

@REX The only thing that adds up in my mind:

US gov. agencies weren't the only eyes on this. The military and OTHER governments' were as well. And the right hand isn't letting the left know what it's doing.

Russia was the shot. China is the chaser that will be poured down all their throats.

And attribution is somewhat irrelevant so long as "widespread" foreign interference is established. That removes everything from State (executive and judicial, not leglislative) control.

Check and mate.

Ok, here is @ThomasWic he knows stuff, sees stuff. Watch, read, learn and absorb. You'll be pleased:

Well well well.

The Democratic establishment (Pelosi, Biden etc) are turning on the Bernie Bros.

AOC forced out of key House Energy & Commerce committee.


The great Brian Cates has been pointing out that Durham's investigation is far larger than anyone knows.

And has been ongoing for far longer, too.

Cates has IDd the following top prosecutors:


Perhaps someone can send Brian this Adam Housley tweet from 2019. Housley mentions 5 USAs in this tweet, inc Durham. In others he has mentioned 4.

Not saying Housley knows, but I find him credible and his sources corroborate Brian's analysis.

Just in case you don't know, Christina Bobb from OAN is not a normal media anchor.

She is an insanely talented individual, who has been a military judge advocate & was Exec Secretary of DHS in 2017/2018.

Compare Bobb at OAN, to Tater at CNN.

Impressive ⬇️


It's certainly true that Republican Senators will be held accountable for their response.

Any GOP Senator who is considering a run for the White House, or reelection in a red state, will have to address this. They will never get away from it

@cv555 @REX Guess what...prior to November 3 NONE OF US KNEW THE EXTENT...NOW WE ALL KNOW...The whole world does.

@cv555 @REX

The evidence we all have here on QVS is overwhelming, and we don't even have the real stuff...evidence isn't the issue...corruption of political profiteers is. That's the uncertain thing. How many turncoats like Paul Ryan and John McCain are sitting in the Rotunda? Trump has to create conditions where even the douchebaggies can support and be courageous. But he needs to get past the 6th and see what happens. If all measures fail, then he will do what is necessary.

@REX @cv555 I traffic in satire. It's ludicrous these statements being made to circumvent existing Constitutional and legal precedent. Trump has to honor the Constitution and exhaust every option before hitting the military force route. You want to make leftist "Martyrs" @cv555? I have said for a long time that Trump would not turn the US over. Too much to lose including his life. But he ALSO cannot take unilateral action that would itself destroy the republic. We have to think through.

3. But Trump can also expose the whole crooked operation.

The process has already started, as you have been seeing.

And then, Trump can focus on Jan 6 - Jan 20.

China Joe Biden will never be inaugurated. But Trump wants far more than that.

POTUS wants them ALL taken down.

And he will succeed.

Buckle up.

The end.

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