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@RonOgletree @FernandoIV

I remember that well and he
reported that assertion a good 5-6 weeks after we had smashed the Main force VC into tapioca. Giáp who clearly saw it as a defeat for them was orgasmically thrilled with his Allie’s’ ,the western media’s narrative & Johnson’s surrender.

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You have your opinion and I have mine.

In February of 1968 I watched the "Most trusted man in America" Walter Cronkite report live on his nightly news broadcast at CBS tell the entire world we had lost the Vietnam War because in the media's reported "facts" the NVA was victorious in the Tet Offensive.

All of it could not have been further from the truth as we had beaten them to the point of surrender until that broadcast.

I know personally as my father was there . . . .

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My kids want money for Christmas. So I got them all rosaries. They can pray for the dough.

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@JoshKraushaar: "It’s a final — the last race is called for the House.

GOP House majority will be 222 seats — a nine-seat pickup. Exact same margin that Pelosi had entering this current Congress."


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I've been reading about the Homestead Steel Strike of 1890-whatever and all I can say is American men today are total pussies.

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"Scratch a liberal, every time you will find a fascist." James Woods.

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Heads up!

April 2023

Conference on the Preservation of Liberty
Washington DC

Sponsored by QuodVerum and The Gold Institute for International Strategy

Thursday night Gala followed by panels on Friday.

Keep your eyes open!

Social Security payments should not be taxed.

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