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The most terrible fear that anybody should have is not war, is not a disease, not cancer or heart problems or food poisoning - it's a man or a woman without a sense of humor.
Jonathan Winters

(boy did he say a mouth full there)

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French reporter: "You have very low unemployment rate in the US and we have very high unemployment rate in France. How come? What the recipe for?"

Trump: "Well maybe we have a better President than you do"


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Ceasefire in Syria.

Who could ever have seen this coming???

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This Milwaukee bus driver stopped her bus when she saw a burning apartment building. She then heard kids screaming from inside. She was able to get into the building and saved them all before fire crews arrived. Mrs. Chanaye Brown.

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@redwhitebluedude @drawandstrike @DuaneCates @ThomasWic @Debradelai

Rewarded? Possibly.

But you know the old wisdom:

But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house. (Mark 6:4)

Now it is being reported that IG Report is NOT coming out on Friday...

According to somebody on FreeRepublic, Sean Hannity claims that there will be NO indictments based on the upcoming IG FIA Report.

While this is akin to "my cousin's sister's gardener's podiatrist says...", I do find it irritating.

But then, I'm easily irritated...

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"ABC News broadcasts fake Syria bombing video that's actually from a Kentucky military show in 2017"

Kentucky knows how to party.😎


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By Trisha P. Hope:

I'm in Minneapolis, I arrived here Wednesday and attended the rally.

I can tell you a few things first hand.

1. There were 2 porta potties to service the entire skywall line. At some point on Thursday, the porta potties were turned to face a concrete wall so there was NO access to them at all.

2. The skywalk HEAT was turned up making it extremely hot in many parts of the skywalk system.

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(25) Think of Tashina Gauhar and George Toscas.

Soon to be nameless no more, as their participation in the plot to subvert the FISA courts comes to light.

Oh, yes, and think a little about the role they played in keeping the Clinton e-mail investigation under wraps. That's coming, too.

While you do this, don’t take your eyes off of Sally Yates and Grandma Loretta.

This is going to be fun.

And none of the screaming banshees in the media see it coming.


From today's Gospel: "When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace." Luke 11:21

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President @realDonaldTrump has spoken to more Americans in a live setting than any president in history. Seriously—it’s not even close. He’s willing to work harder than anyone because his love of America is unmatched. Enjoy every moment, folks.

There will never be another Trump. twitter.com/thebradfordfile/st

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@Debradelai @ThomasWic

Someone in the crowd told me that MAGA rally people are the kindest in the world. When lines slowed down, most would take the time to thank LEO's who were visibly moved by the crowd. The Trump Revolution is showing the world the true nature of America.

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