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A new thread by Brian Cates:

Here we go. This is what Rudy has been preparing to drop for weeks.

All the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed at this point.

Buckle up and GIRD YOUR LOINS.


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I'm having dinner with my son in Danville, VA.

As the waitress brought our food, she said: "your meal is paid by another table. They told me to tell you Merry Christmas". As I looked around in astonishment, she added oh, they're gone, you can't even say thank you.

Holy crap. I heard stories like this, but never happened to me.

In the off chance they read this, thank you, and a very merry Christmas to you!

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Kameltoe Harris and the SJWs have been all day claiming she had no chance because she is a black woman.

In essence, they are accusing the Democrats of being racist misoginists.

Ok. So be it. I won't argue with a confession.

I used to think she was just a shrill, incompetent zero who rose the political ladder on her knees.

Now I know the Democrats hate blacks and women.

Fine by me.

If you want to see a very good, fun movie, check out "Ford vs Ferrari."

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Our own Brenda just tweeted this on twitter. Good news. Mexican cartel leader arrested in murder of Mormon American family.


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(12) Thus, the history of the colonization of the Americas is no different than that of any other lands, and WE are no more than an episode in myriad comings and goings witnessed by the continent since the first humans arrived from multiple origins in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Only anachronistic idiots find singular crimes in a run of the mill migration.

The same morons who seem to want open borders!

Open borders but migration is bad!

Bad Colón! Bad!

We need more Colóns now!


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1. It's one of the few things the Senate can do without the House. Confirmation of judges and other presidential appointees.

2. Obama was lazy enough to not even try to appoint his share, thereby leaving dozens of vacancies.

4. If the House won't play ball and Jacks off in political circuses, McConnell can do little more than confirm nominations...and change the face of the Judiciary for 40 years to come, heraldine the end of juditial activism.

A thing of beauty.

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"China announced they would allow rice imports from the U.S. for the first time in their history.

Read that again.

Trump just sold rice to China.

What a f*cking Legend."


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@karnage told. E of my girls about tweet. She then went on to name at least 20 other movies & TV shows that she missed 🙄. She’s not still mad so I guess I did ok :)

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Some guy just told me “fuck you & your MAGA hat”

I smiled and said “more proof my hat does not represent hate... it REVEALS it!”

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As I'm heading back home from a wonderful evening with family and friends, I hope you all have a wonderful Thansgiving, may your cornucopia, like the horn of Amalthea, never run dry.

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Here’s something the Democrats won’t want to hear.

President Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, released some very surprising data gathered from attendees at his Tuesday night rally in Broward, FL, which is guaranteed to send a shiver up Adam Schiff’s spine.

Of the 31,177 voters who provided data, 24% were Democrats.

The significance of this is monumental.

Do you think many Republicans attend Democrat rallies?

I didn't think so.


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Epic thread by Brian Cates.

"I'm now going to be very specific as to the bet I am making on this FISA report from IG Horowitz, so get ready.

Epic Thread incoming.

Here's my on-the-record prediction about what the FISA report will include, all the crimes Horowitz found during his investigation."


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Happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for you all. ❤️

A proclamation issued by President George Washington, at the request of Congress, on October 3, 1789.

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