Everyone needs to stop calling Biden's speech last night a State of the Union. It was not.

It was named, specifically, "An Address to a Joint Session of Congress."


AND in the transcript the phrase "State of the Union" is not found.


Look up the Constitution around the specific DUTY the EXECUTIVE has to deliver a SOTU. And start thinking about why they did NOT call this a SOTU address.

Just saying... Something is going on.

Nightwatch is up!

P3 and P8 still doing busy work off the coast of Florida.

This VIP plane with no callsign appears to be taking an interesting route out of Colorado Springs area to down tot he coastline of Florida.

The coastline of Florida is getting a lot of key aircraft visiting.

Democrats browbeat MLB to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver to punish Georgia for the new election integrity laws that they don’t like. Now they are facing new troubles of their own as the All-Star Game is moving from a 51% minority city to one that is 76% white. This means a $100,000,000 hit to the state, with a huge portion to this majority minority city. This is what happens to a party that stands for nothing – the very people you claim to help are the very people you hurt.

This is a podcast/video interview with Chris Miller from March 30th of this year.

It's long--about a hour and half--but could be of interest to you. They podcasters smartly break up, with tags, the video in parts and labels of what topics they touch on.


He seems like a naturally high-energy guy who doesn't need any Red Bulls.


Especially interesting to me he said unconventional warfare includes learning the culture, the incentives, etc. to durect result (my paraphrasing). In effect then, special ops learned the culture of the bureaucracy, the incentives of bureaucracy, etc. to affect a result.



Hat Tip to @OneRandomGuy for this toot:


Following are selected short excerpts from a long interview with Chris Miller on March 30th of this year.

I'll join with others for any thoughts and analysis after the end.

Miller's thoughts going into role as transitional acting Secretary of Defense:

* I serve at the pleasure of the President.
* I'm non-partisan.
* I only have 73 days.

Just in (via email): Facebook is abandoning its LUCRATIVE Analytics service.

Why would FB do such a dumb thing with something SO profitable? That would be almost like...I don't know, taking hammers to a bunch of phones and laptops?

Think they got their bloody hands caught in the spying cookie jar?


I could go on, but you get the point. The West hasn't exactly stepped up to the plate in acting in a manner that commands respect--that is, until Donald Trump, international businessman, helped us to re-learn that lesson.

We're catching up, though. Remember that ignorance is a solvable problem.

Arrogance is not.



This shouldn't be surprising, of course. We're talking about a party that has committed genocide over and over again, and has never been called on it by the West, despite the fact that we're supposed to be the religious ones. The ones with higher moral calling.

We're talking about a party that has dumped lead-infused children's toys, tainted pet food, cadmium-based makeup, and landfills upon landfills of poorly-made, environment-wrecking trash all over the world with no repercussions.


These adult kids of CCP officials, on the other hand, are very good at communicating to you in very few words--just a look, even--that it's not that you're not in the same league as they are. You're not even in the same SPORT they're playing.

You're a capitalist American. You are beneath them and their families.

Xi Xinping believes the same thing. Wolf Warrior diplomacy is not the product of a lack of understanding. It's the product of a lack of basic human respect.


I'm white, and therefore not terribly accustomed to being subjected to racial prejudice, at least not in my homeland. But I've met plenty of Chinese young adults who are obviously the children of members of the CCP. Y'know, those folks who believe so strongly in socialism that they stash their kids and their money safely in capitalist America.

The difference between Chinese-Americans and these CCP snots is extremely obvious. Chinese-Americans are just like everyone else.


The reason Xi Xinping and his allies felt the need to steal an election from Donald Trump and every one of his supporters is that President Trump was the first president in this modern age to give us all a master class in mastering fear.

The second the world masters its fear of the consequences of war with China is the second everyone will see a path to victory.

Like the left, the CCP won't be nimble enough to drop its arrogance and dodge this bullet.


Right now, leftists are stalking patriot forums, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, live streams, and individual posts, searching for people and businesses to cancel. Social media companies are driving people to alternative platforms, and innovative people are rushing to meet the need.

Patriots are slowly catching on to the fact that the emperor left has no clothes, here. When all you have to rule by is fear, you are reduced to nothing the second people stop being afraid of you.


It's not that Xi Xinping, or various and sundry members of the CCP's diplomatic corps, don't understand how democracy, or rule of law, or separation of powers works.

They. Don't. Care.

Why should they? No one has made them care before.

Ignorance is a solvable problem. Arrogance, on the other hand, is much harder to turn around. Especially when you rule your people by fear.

This is why the CCP and the American left are ultimately doomed.


The left, which has been so strongly entwined in everything from our media to our school systems, acts as if they are fatally allergic to the concept of American might.

Thus, we haven't really grasped the notion that the leader of a large foreign nation doesn't HAVE to care about what his own media, corporations, or people think--about ANYTHING. Nor does he HAVE to care about what ANY OTHER COUNTRY THINKS, EITHER.


To an American, Wolf Warrior Diplomacy makes no sense.

We're not used to winning wars, anymore. We're more used to the kind of snivelling pandering that brought the phrase "winning hearts and minds" into our collective lexicon. We became accustomed to our leadership running wars through the prism of the leftist media, the leftist CEOs of household name corporations, and public approval polls, which have always been skewed to the left.


The CCP has not been NEARLY as industrious as the regular folks of lockdown-land.

Xi Xinping is a TRUE BELIEVER. Everything we know about his history points in that direction. That is the foundation we are working with.

You'd have to study Donald Trump in order to understand what a big thinker he is.

You'd have to study Xi if you're going to understand how being a true believer directs his actions.

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