I guess word got out that something is coming.

There is no toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, or bleach at a local Walmart.

Poso says stuff. Much of what he posts falls into the category of "Attention Whoring". You know, saying stuff he hopes is retweetable in the framework of a dwindling presence of actual conservatives.

Lockdown😜Martial Law🙄Panic in the house🙃🙃 With Masks on😷😷🤣


And here I was thinking Walmart are just being dicks and playing a very late April Fools joke.

@jrwinger Not to mention the computer chip shortage. What’s next? Anything and everything? But it will only impact us regular joe’s, I’d venture to bet! 🤬🤬


That chip shortage is screwing every product that takes the chip. Cars, appliances, etc.

It's crazy.


@MysteryOfLife @jrwinger
The main reason to manufacture all products here in the USA!


The left want more control, the last one did not create enough damage. This is NOT going to bode well with the populous.



Yeah, someone else mentioned that Jack Posowhatever said something about more lockdowns.

I can imagine him being popular in this neighborhood.


I hope so.

It's not like they ever fully recovered their stocks of any of those items. At most there were a dozen bottles of various brands of bleach. The only one that stands out is the dish soap. That was fully stocked last time I bought some.

@jrwinger I hope you’re right because I dont understand how this helps the Democrats at all. What a way to “self-own” by alerting your own constituents to your bs.


Sounds to me like they want to bring back the voting rules for 2022 midterm elections, so they can steal it just like they did the 2020 election.
Same shit, different day is all, with these idiots.🙄

@jrwinger I went there today and it was like a plague of locusts had descended. Empty shelves, empty store. One single checker for a Walmart Supercenter.

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