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Senate Republicans

vote unanimously to block the Freedom To Vote Act
In a 49-51 vote,

Republicans blocked the Senate from moving forward on the Democrats' voting rights bill, the Freedom to Vote Act. The vote was announced by Vice President Kamala Harris. In the 50-50 Senate, Democrats needed at least 10 Republicans to join them to end a GOP-led filibuster and ultimately pass the legislation.


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@CheetahFeet @Donjanusgjrdrm @Debradelai @BCPaladin @Zentrification

Always vote.
If there is suspected fraud, vote anyway.
Overwhelm them with votes.

If the Dems were really that brilliant at stealing all elections, we would not have done as well as we did outside those six cities.
Trump would never have won in 2016.

Be aware of the outstanding work done now to address fraud

We must vote. The evil regime wants us to stay home.

Always vote

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Big corporations get to be able to afford their own shipping and California under Gruesome are bunch of asses, so Amazon charters ships and has them unloaded in Houston.


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Once in a while we just have to stand back in awe of our government.

The Food Stamp Prog, administered by the US Dept of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amt of free meals & food stamps ever - to 46 mil people.

Meanwhile, the Natl Park Service, administered by the US Dept of the Interior, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed the Animals." Their stated reason for the policy is because "the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”

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Just got off the phone with @GenFlynn . Doing great and keeping busy.

We may have a sit down together in FL in mid September for a very special chat with you guys.

Cross your fingers! Schedule is tight.

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Try to grasp what Politico revealed: the **current President** and his son, and his brother, and his brother's wife, and several of their close associates are targets of a federal criminal grand jury probe being led by a U.S. Attorney.

If this was TRUMP in the White House, and Don' Jr.'s laptop, this would have been blown up already into Watergate x 100.

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@patel_patriot @Debradelai @drawandstrike @DuaneCates
Devolution is not a conspiracy theory because it doesn't involve illegal actions.

If Saul bans you for talking about it, I'll leave the platform.

I've done tons of research on it. The REALITY is that the military has real actual plans for devolution, which Trump ordered them to review before the election.

Therefore banning people for talking about it is the same as Twitter and YouTube censorship.

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That would explain the bizarre and never-before-seen flights of electronic surveillance aircraft and sub hunters in the area.

They have secure air-to-surface communications systems, and subs can't be detected.

I'm guessing that Dong and others DID defect, and Trump will return before 2024.

He said in an interview that he would act before 2022.

Take him seriously.

This is a great time to be alive.

Be of good cheer. We're going to see the show of the millennium.


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I don't know if this is related but think about.

"Only Trump would have the balls to orchestrate it." - TW


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Aaaaand....lumber prices fall 43% since May.

Don't say we didn't tell you.

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Company CEO Mark Smith said in a company earnings call on Thursday that the gun manufacturer in the past fiscal year "surpass[ed] $1 billion in sales for the first time in our 169-year history."


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Lebanon and Turkey used to be considered Muslim success stories.

NOW the shining light of Muslim freedom is...Saudi Arabia.

The Turks and Lebanese have no excuses.

They CHOSE mayhem and failure.

At some point, you bid people adieu and tell them, "I wish you well."

That which has no will to survive, won't.

Not my problem.


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@ThomasWic @Debradelai @drawandstrike

John Earle Sullivan is having the $90,000 he made from filming the Capitol Riot of Jan 6th seized.
He's also being charged with additional felony counts for a total of 8 including weapons charges.

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Office of the Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick
Full agreement has been reached on ! A historic victory for Texas. Congrats to
for his leadership and to Senator
for getting it across the finish line.
Read my official statement here:

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I just read the actual details of the AT&T "spinning off" (read: dumping) of Time Warner.

They bought Time Warner in 2018. For 85.4 billion dollars.

They are getting $43 billion for it, now.

So, math is not my strong suit... But that is a 50% DROP IN VALUE in less than 3 years.

CNN. HBO. Warner Brothers. DC Comics. And more.

50% off.

Hollywood is dying, folks.

What is not sustainable, can't be.

It happens slowly, and then... All at once.

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I think it's very likely.

The North Koreans obviously know, since they formally announced that they're ignoring Biden.

But they didn't go nuts.

I have a very strong suspicion that Trump brought Kim here for a visit.

If--and that's a BIG if--we're in a state of "devolution," Trump and Pence have been integrated into the chain of command somehow in order to not break any laws.

North Korea is a national-security issue, not a foreign-policy issue.

That's part of how it was all legal.

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Trump anticipates everything.

Miller took office on November 9, 2020, and he immediately went about the business of preparing for devolution.

Then he had to make the country China- and Iran-proof, since they were involved in stealing the election.

There's no doubt that we sent representatives all over the world, undetected, to explain what was coming up.

And we brought THEIR representatives here.

AND we conducted domestic intelligence gathering.

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