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Tweet from 🇺🇸🔱🚨Ryan🚨🔱🇺🇸💎
EVEN IF YOU ASSUME (for argument's sake) that spying on the Trump Campaign was properly predicated (even though it wasn't):
Given that NO American was charged w/ conspiring w/ Russia to influence the election; that means our system allows for spying on citizens w/o solid evidence

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It's almost like "The Trump Era" is ushering in a return to the
where beating your chest on TV (& thereby opening Doors for your efforts to be thwarted/SABOTAGED)
is passed up for NAILING the guilty cold with Ironclad, evidence backed indictments."

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1. May be a bluff but to me, it's a classic Trump move to bait his enemies into a Senate trial, in order to destroy his enemies.

If that's the strategy, it places Pelosi, Schiff & Co in an extremely difficult position. They have these options:

- do nothing
- hold a vote to impeach

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1. For those who don't quite understand what the Ukrainians are alleging, let me clear up what I think is going on.

Let's say you have a 'charity' called The Biden Foundation. Let's say that Joe Biden has the power to direct taxpayer funds to foreign nations.

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@REX @drawandstrike @Trickster @ThomasWic

My bet is that they're all crapping in their pants already & will soon need Depends!

I would recommend that the Swamp dwellers all listen to Our Donald when says "we must make sure this never happens again." President Trump says what he means and does what he says.

My recommendation is take no prisoners; scorched earth!

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Dems are going to impeach Trump on "bribery" charges -- because it polled well.

Rep. Ratcliffe searched all impeachment documents for the word "bribery" - he found nothing.

made a monster stack of testimony on his desk for effect.


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Every tax dollar must be accounted for! Stop the fraud!

Tony Heller:
I will be making a video later today showing the rather frightening level of brainwashing and propaganda at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, which receives $180 million per year in money confiscated from taxpayers.

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Charlie Kirk

House Democrats are now “investigating” whether President Trump lied under oath during the Mueller Investigation

Their Ukrainian impeachment hoax is failing

So now they’re going back to their Russian Collusion hoax

RT if you’re sick of these endless “investigations”

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Interesting .......
Leaked Iranian intelligence reports expose Tehran’s vast web of influence in Iraq by James Risen, @tarangoNYT, @farnazfassihi, @mazmhussain, @Ronenbergman

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Well Well Well
Everyone should take the time to read this. Slowly, and patiently, because it’s very important.

From 2001 to 2005 there was an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation. A Grand Jury had been impaneled. Governments from around the world had donated to the “Charity”.

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1. Go woke, go broke.

An incredibly stupid decision by Chick Fil-A, that was also totally unnecessary. By doing this they have effectively given their core customer base the bird.

So why? What gives?

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Around 800 drones were sent up into the sky as part of a demonstration during this year's Nanchang Flight Convention, an industry-led event which shows off the latest advances in the country's aviation, space and travel sector.

The bizarre choreographed display - which also saw the army of drones merge to create the outline of a helicopter and a jet - rounded off the festival of tech.

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LA Gov race.

The guy who won - Edwards - is a pro- 2AM, anti-abortion centrist who identifies as a Democrat.

He won. Just. Good for him.

Alas he's an outlier in the Dems these days. And if he's lying, he'll be a 1 term wonder.

Hey everyone, try to avoid the partisan crap. Trump is important because he shattered the GOP vs Dem establishment.

Truth is if he is honest, Edwards isn't bad for the USA. If this is what the Dems offer, they may do well.

In 2028/2032!

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Trump’s DOJ isn’t merely pulling the plug at the bottom of the swamp here. The DOJ just placed dynamite into the dam.

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