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Hillary: People Don't Hate Me, They Hate Women

It's not Godiva, Hillary Clinton is the real gift that keeps on giving. And giving and giving. Until you want it to stop, but you can't.

It won't go away.

When her book bombs, there's a documentary. Hillary. And a fresh press tour to discuss how unfair life is to leftist millionaires who are allegedly women.

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Drudge turned into a joke long ago. Instead of the so-called pictures of Schiff, they are really of Drudge?

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@SidneyPowell on Hannity

“He (Gen. Flynn) was completely framed and set up...”

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🚨 🚨 🚨
Lawsuit Claims Epstein Trafficked Girls in Caribbean Until 2018

"The attorney general of the Virgin Islands says Mr. Epstein and his associates used a database to track victims as young as 11 years old. "

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For @HeshmatAlavi

People are still sending me photos of Soleimani taken in 2016.

As I'm sure you know by now, it's not important for me personally to be right. I'm doing this thread to show you that MASSIVE effort has gone into what we're seeing now.

Outsiders and insiders are helping, which means success is guaranteed.

First, this image.

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From @CarpeDonktum:

“I gotta say, this impeachment ceremony is hilarious.
It's like watching a big dumb bird fly into a window in slow motion.”

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Trump War Room tweeted:

Democrats are STILL LYING about what President Trump said in his call with Ukraine.

The transcript is clear: President Trump said “us,” meaning the country. He did not say “me.”

Why does Nancy Pelosi need to lie? Because they know the truth exonerates President Trump!

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Laura Ingraham tweeted:

The media’s covering the “walking of the articles of impeachment” is the Congressional version of O.J.’s white Bronco chase.

Ava Armstrong, Author™ replied:

Much worse. Our Republic just died. This is the funeral.

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Kevin McCarthy tweeted:

Quite the contrast ↴
On the same day that President Trump signs a historic trade agreement to strengthen America, Speaker Pelosi signs articles of impeachment to try to weaken our President.

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Highly recommend that you all tune in to this Maddow interview with Lev Parnas.

It will be COMEDY GOLD.

Remember, the Democrats have already been defeated. They just don't know it yet.

Trump has lured his enemies onto his territory - the Senate. Now, their reckoning awaits.

January 2020 will be GLORIOUS.

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