Although I have American children, siblings and even though my late wife's birth certificate is not American, her Death certificate which is identical btw , is American, I still don't like to meddle too much in USA politics. I don't even understand the automatic citizenship based on place of birth. However, I see many new immigrants in the USA having the nerve to call Americans racists and even go to congress and have the nerve to throw out these accusations to decent Americans. Seriously WTF!!


@THR part of the 14 amendment that was pass after civil war. The text in link below. This was to give citizenship to the black slaves. Through court rulings it applies to the baby of a foreign national, so called anchor babies.
It was not to be applied to the diplomats.
If America is so full of hate why don't they leave. There are no Barb wire fence, mine fields or guard towers keeping you in.

@johnsanta @THR not fully adjudicated and not the intent of the 14th. In fact, we had a quota system that considered the children of aliens as aliens themselves and counted toward their country’s quota.

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