Interesting read on where the anti Trump derangement comes from. How the turn from Soviet Russia to the 1960s.

Sending nudes of yourself can get you extorted. Meet people on line dating site, then move over to Skype.
They take screenshots of you. Then threatened to send them to people you know.

Notice Android phone gives warning site can't be trusted. Guess don't like place called Trump town.
Part of big left tech controlling the narrative.

People who gave DNA sample for family reasons. FBI request to solve who a child was.
Can this DNA freely given now be used to solve a crime?

Why I have concerns about organic and fair pay prouducts. This also applied to kosher and Hala.
These food have a higher cost. To bring in lower expense food and sell at higher price in a fraud.
How do you know the workers are getting a decent wage in the third world.

NYPD going after the Sargent for not supervision of fired cop.
Surprised this happen since a black woman. Gone are the days PC points saved you.

This will have cops not make effort to control crime, Democrats don't care.

Interesting to see networth of Democrats running for president. Lots of millionaire's in the Senate.
Notice talk income inequality but don't offer to make as much as average American.

13 states sue administration over public charge rule.
This is existing law not enforce. You can't stop enforcement of a law. Never was declared unconstitutional.
Most people entering into the country needed a sponcers so would not be on public dole.

Smuggle capital because tobacco tax is to high.
This is because of morality tax is high.
Other taxes are high because of insane spending.

Untax tobacco and alcohol found in store. This happen in NYC because tax to high.

Wonder if used to fund terror since 500k found in one store. Muslim sounding name of owner.

CNN is not embarrassed by lying about Trump or ratings dropping like a rock.
The Fredo incident, shows liberals insanity and stupidity. Fredo means dumbass. It's not use to slur Italian people.

Seems the AG Barr don't trust the FBI by having the inspector general look into it. Makes you wonder what is found in FISA investigation.

Copied from the NY Post.
“Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the inspector general, who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death,” Barr said.

Pundits no matter the field are paid to write or talk. They have to say something to fill empty space. This is why over time they are wrong.
The latest was rates going to 4%, now it's zero or negative rates.

I'm just happy the acorn didn't fall on their head or the sky will be falling (stock market?).

Epstein found dead in jail. Lots of big wigs might breath sigh of relief. The thing is the government has the documents found in his townhouse.

With the stocks dropping and big money nervous. Gold move above $1,500. The bonds yields are also dropping with the flight to safety.

If still in stocks ride it out. If have cash on side get ready for bargain hunting.

Oops Dayton shooter a leftist, basically parrot AOC not Trump.
Time to discuss mental illness, too many running around hurting people. Antifa bunch or warp nuts too.

This is one weekend in Chicago 3 dead, 37 wounded. Unfortunately this happens all the time. Media don't mention this because gun control not working.

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