Notice stocks, bonds and gold are all going up at the same time.
Treasury bonds and gold use to be flight to safety when stocks go down. Notice that didn't happen a few times during 2019.
Now people are buying all three at the same time. The stock market high is driving people to safety of bonds and gold. Notice most bonds are above face value now.

I thought Clinton and Bloomberg both are from New York. The president and VP can't be from the same state. Then again laws never applied to Democrats.
Lucky little Mike, with him between her and power he would be dead soon enough.

I think New York was banned from global entry for a few reasons.
NYC won't vote for him, extremely anti Trump. As the 4 out 5 bourghs / counties in the city goes so does the state.
California might still be in play.

New Yorkers banned from global entry program. Because the state gave license to non citizens and refused to share information with the feds.

Is real ID next?

I find it ironic I left the republican party for the conservative party over Romney being left off the primary ballot for McCain.
(Protest voted for Key's)
Now he pulls this crap.

You don't vote Rino's the Dem get in. Then look at Virginia and their insanity. Glad I move to a sane state. Yes cities have their liberals, that why I'm rual.

Watch out Schumer, AOC coming for your Senate seat. After the primary challenge Schumer set up, she be glad to come after him.
Trump does the best trolling.

5/4 pm the results for Iowa. Now only 62% will be available.
Democrats can't run an election, they can't run a government either. Just look at their cities.

The dollar is still King in Venezuela. The government is trying to impose the Petro, a digital currency. Shop owners who tried to convert we're not able too.
The government is imposing price control and force people to use the Petro.

California take over of power company will be a disaster. All ready had black outs with government policy. Government running it and the lights will be out.
Candle and kerosene lamps anyone?

AT&T’s Results Dragged Down by TV Business. Headline from

They brought CNN and ratings drop like a rock. Consider their tv until found out they are only news.

Are you willing to fight like the Acadians? The question comes mind listen to Bernie Bros.
Supply the French behind enemy lines. Raid towns of the enemy.
They refused to do a loyalty oath to the British. They became such a pain the British ship them out.
First to 13 colonies, but they came back. They were sent to England and France. It was from France they went to Louisiana.

Watch Varney and Bloomberg campaign staffer accused him of living in a bubble in New York.
Varney is a conservative, has a better idea what's going on then a candidate flying around screaming climate change. Pennsylvania will not be happy losing high paying jobs over shutting down fracking.

Rich people fly hto Davos to lecture us on climate change and income inequality.
When they give away their money and give up the private jets I'll believe them.

Shock collars for the White House press core. If interrupt Trump they get shocked.
Also for asking about a fake news.

Hopefully Trump will allow the LSU team smoke in the press office during White House visit.

Wonder if this is real in the polls 30% of the blacks voting for Trump
Copied from the
This unlikely straw has been in the political winds recently because in three opinion polls—Emerson, Marist and Rasmussen—President Trump registered about 30% support among black voters.

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