Dead body found in man hole by Columbus Circle Manhattan. Too early if accidentally fell in or body dump.
This is by Time Warner building and CNN

Anti Trump Daniel Henninger from Wall Street journal editorial thinking the Democrats be are wrong and they are doing a hit job.

Anti Trump Daniel Henninger from Wall Street journal editorial thinking the Democrats be are wrong and they are doing a hit job.

Howie Carr " the Clintons don't have a brand more like a STD"
Comment said on his show 10/10/19, 5 pm eastern.

The third world is watching the CIA through Democrats try to over throw an elected leader in American and think now you know what we went through.

When I see it I believe it. The report on fish abuse coming out around October 18. Maria of fox business said it will be as thick as a phone book.

Guess letting criminal room the streets not working. Singing "can we all get along" is clearly not working.
Copied from the wsj
Hate crimes in New York City continue to rise, driven primarily by increases in anti-Semitic incidents but also by crimes targeting white people, attacks on black people and incidents related to sexual orientation, according to New York Police Department data released Tuesday.

Scary even the wsj is calling out the Democrats star chamber tatics.
Who are these CIA agents trying to remove Trump. Are they using agent because not right to know the identity.
Time to clean out FBI and CIA of partisan party hacks.

How near zero commission works is they make money off what is in your money market account.
Copied from Barron's.
“People underestimate how much the economics of Schwab’s business comes from investing client cash,” says Steven Chubak, an analyst with Wolfe Research.

October 1 as time passes. Protestor got shot in Hong Kong. Notice for freedom they use the American 🇺🇸. Funny how so call free thinking think it's bad.

Energy efficient washing machine spread disease. 🚩🚩🚩🚩
The water not hot enough in them to kill disease.

The Ukraine prosecutor gets fired so gets American aid, and Trump is the problem. Whistle blower needed first hand information to file.
Lower the standards of persecution is just plain wrong. Now want to hide the guy. You should get to face your accuser, even Trump.
If Congressman making things up is to go by another fake scandal, time to go after real ones

These three men may hold the key to the Trump impeachment inquiry - MarketWatch

Why people leave New York state. The reason shown here motor vehicle registration fees. The high fees are for mass transit. The transit don't run well, and claims of need even more money.

Trump 2020 flags are out flying. Just noticed driving the back roads.

Just to point out we are not alone.

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