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People on this very forum tell us constantly that the other side is winning.



Defeatists have been conditioned by the very people who the defeatists claim they want to fight.

When Trump was elected, the country was much worse off than it is now.

We don't know what Trump's plans are, but he says we'll be happy with them.

Having studied history, I never expected a total lack of setbacks, especially given the stakes.

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Some wand a "Federal Police".

We have one.


It is bloated, corrupt, and has operated outside the law since the Times of Eliott Ness.

Never mind it becoming the largest extortion racket under J. Edgar Hoover, a position they still enjoy today.

Ask @GenFlynn

We need to DISMANTLE the "Federal Police", not add to it.

Police outside the control of citizens is oppression.

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“It is the past that tells us who we are. Without it, we lose our identity.”

~ Stephen Hawking

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Clarence Thomas trashing Qualified Immunity. It's nice seeing this issue being exposed for the bullshit charade it forces on the citizenry. The idea you can't sue state officials when they commit criminal acts in the commission of their jobs is absurd. Agents of the State deserve no protections but what the constitution grants and that is all.

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What in God's name were my parents up to?

Actually, I don't want to know.

I also found a genuine pistol.

My brother pulled the trigger before I could warn him. Luckily it wasn't loaded.

No idea whose it was.

Also live ammunition.

For VERY big rifles.

British rifles.

This is why my parents refused to let us do anything about any of this stuff while they were alive.

Ever see Silence of the Lambs? The self-storage unit? The jar?

Just waiting to find something like that...


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The Feds (Treasury) snatching Bitcoin unroute to the hackers floors the two pillars upon which Bitcoin rested: secrecy and evasion.

And nobody is talking about it because they're too stupid to realize it's important.

There is no security or secrecy in Bitcoin transactions and, yes, Big Brother is watching.

Another nail in that coffin.

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On Friday Lopez Obrador accused the Biden administration of orchestrating a coup against his administration!

Then later Obrador complained after Kamala Harris walked out of their first meeting on US border! She got up and walked away because she had “other business.”

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If Russia invades Ukraine proper, Putin will lose A LOT of men.

As he he did at Deir Ezzor, Syria.

February 7, 2018.

It had to be done. The world is a hard taskmaster.

And the funny thing is, all the dumbass antiwar-for-no-reason types like Tucker Carlson and Tim Pool don't even know that we ALREADY HAD our war with Russia.

If they DID know, they'd oppose it retroactively, even though it saved the lives of God knows how many Syrians.


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The world knew how powerful Trump was as president.

What if he's letting them know how powerful he is during this bizarre "devolution" we SEEM to be in?

There's a heck of a lot of sabre rattling but precious little ACTION on the part of our enemies.

Where's Jared Kushner?

Everyone in the Trump orbit is still working.

What if the world sees that the US is so strong that we can remain stable even doing THIS massive clown-train-derailment-flameout-pratfall-cartwheeling-flopsweat-implosion?

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And there you have it.

Fake news, urban legends gone wild, science, and flamethrowers.

It took me less than two hours to debunk a story that has gained traction only because people are idiots.


AS you can see from 1937, the press has ALWAYS been useless.

The "Fourth Estate."

God help us.

Tomorrow, back to work moving stuff.



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Too many Americans nowhave to experience something before they know it's bad.

And always remember:

Trump GOT his landslide.

But he couldn't pass up the opportunity to deal a death blow to ALL our enemies, foreign and domestic.

In time, you'll see that he made the right choice.


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Here's one of the benefits of Trump's current strategy:

With no Trump to fight, leftists are eating each other.

The ideology is more fractured than at any other time in modern history.

They're fighting each other to see who can be the most woke.

This is why RADICAL leftists are being fired left and right.


The ideology has reached peak self-nullification.

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Louisiana chicken sausage gumbo, and why I have been married 50 years, lol.

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In the 30 years I've lived here, I've NEVER seen this level of air traffic in and out of Vandenberg.

Here's a question:

We all know what we WANT, but what would be better for the country?

A. Immediate total exposure of everything, and Trump returning to office.

B. A clandestine dismantling of the domestic and international cabal--as Time magazine admitted it is?

Trump gave no hint whatsoever of his endgame other than winning.

So how will he do it?

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