This rally is not normal. I know a few of you here follow this stuff, pictured is /ES ( S & P 500 futures). Ignore the fibs (RSI is 28, 6) and see that I'm comparing normal, far left, to this rally, far right.

Normal is usually about a 45 Degree slope to the upside on rallies.

What the hell is it then? I don't know but I don't trust not normal.

I'm not predicting, just wondering...

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A Red Pill Report ™
JB wants this video removed from the internet. I say we up the game and share it all over..

It was the best day! Was so nice to see someone so passionate about their work for a change!

@EarlThePearls @joebennett @YoungBlood Biden simply opening his mouth has become increasingly ‘unthinkable’ !!

@joebennett @umad80 I haven't heard anything about lightening up restrictions. if anything, they are adding more drugs to the restrictions list. gabapentin, tramadol, etc. Pretty soon everything is gonna be a controlled substance

@BlkLdyPatriot @YoungBlood
I've notice the Education System in our Country, from Grade School to Higher Education, is the Leftists Communist anchor point in our Society.
Cut that Anchor line off at the Local level and they lose their Bearings and Support.
This is why they are losing their Collective Minds about Parents taking control of the School Boards.
Next, Deunionize the teachers and run the unqualified SJW teachers off the Campus.
This is where you hurt them.

Ant traps: do these things work?

A few years ago I placed home-made ant traps on my property. Carpenter ants come with mature oaks.

I mixed Borax and powdered sugar filled in plastic pill containers, having drilled holes near the cap in each. I covered them with duct tape, exposing the holes with an x-acto knife. Then I buried them partially around the perimeter of the house

I don't know if these things worked, but I haven't seen any ants in the house since. Maybe the damn things do.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @joebennett @RangerJohn @DeWalt @KittyDugre @E_Turbo

I conquered a fear of black widows in my twenties by playing with them. Lots of them, examining their behavior.

Fear replaced by 100% respect and much greater understanding of what they prefer, as well as can, can't, will and won't do.

And just touching a black widow web made from that unmistakable taut micro-steel they pull from their spinnerets still sends shudders.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @DeWalt @joebennett @KittyDugre @E_Turbo @StevenDouglas One of my personal heroes, General Eldon Bargewell, who was the Delta Force Commander in Panama, and hired me here in Tampa, retired with honors and died in NC when his fucking riding lawn mower tipped over and killed him at 71 years old. Tomorrow is not promised no matter what you have accomplished in your life. Be careful in your old age.

Just Because....

My current status.....

Stop the world, I wanna get off.

I Wouldn't Wanna Be Like You
The Alan Parsons Project

Depicted, a fierce rally in S & P futures in the past 3 days.

This looks like lightning in the distance to me. It doesn't seem like the right time for it to be over.

Three more years of this shit should do the trick.

We read a lot about inflation and demand destruction these days. In my world it is here. As a wage earner, I consider myself on a fixed income. Demand destruction is already here as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not buying shit this summer. I usually go on a rampage at the garden center and home improvement/tools section.

I'll stay home and pull weeds this year - maybe cut back some sod and grow carrots and beans.

The wife is almost finished her latest crocheted creation…we are going to keep this one. The girl has talent.

@BirdDog @Lemonhead
I will only say this.
Israel has no mindset of acting in a Coalition.
When this threat becomes intolerable they will act Singularly and without warning.
Their very existence depends upon that.

Flashback time..

Trump explodes at Reuters reporter asking about Ukraine

This clip was right after transcripts were leaked from Trump's call with Zelensky which lead to the first Impeachment..

Note the comments regarding Ukraine, the Bidens, and how he felt we and the rest of the international community should be handling / aiding Ukraine..

(And yes, I totally miss this level of intelligence, competence, and ability to fire back at the moron media)

Following is a compilation of eight differing but complementary theories that try to explain why Putin invaded Ukraine.

Only dire ignoramuses will be surprised by Dementia Joe Biden green light to his master Vladimir to wreck havoc upon Ukraine and Europe.
Democrats (fuck them per secula seculorum) have always been, and will always be authoritarian fascists.

"Biden warns Russia will pay 'severe price' if it deploys chemical weapons"

Ah, WMDs, I've heard tell of those.

*waits for solid proof in the form of photos, a suspicious cylinder of some kind, and confirmation from 17 agencies*

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