IMHO, Speaker of the House, Democrat, Nancy Pelosi is toast!!! Trump did a major number on her and Chuck Schumer. If she and her Whimp partner, Democrat, Chuck Schumer do not immediately bring forward & cut a deal with Trump & McDonnell for another round of Stimulus Checks ($1200 or $2000), they both will be forever finished. Actually Pelosi will not serve a second term as Speaker....she is done!! Her caucus has had it with her. Get to the "TRUMP" table Dems, you are sinking fast!!!

Worst Choice, Democrat, Sleepy Joe Biden could make in choosing his VP Candidate the "The Village Bicycle...Everyone has had a ride", Democrat, low life, Senator, Kamala Harris, the gutter witch with no class or meaningful, pedigree whatsoever. The media & public, except for the "Fake News" deadbeats...could care great splash in the water, no gold raining down from the heavens. Bottom Line...this woman is both useless & incompetent, She is no VP & POTUS at all. Vote...Trump/Pence!!!

How can Joe Biden ever be POTUS? For goodness sake, the man is incapable of making a choice in choosing his VP Candidate., after months of searching!!! He needs his wife, Jill, who has never received one vote, his family & half the Democrat Party to get there. We are now eleven days into August & Old Joe, promised us his VP choice by August 1st, 2020. Still no choice. IMHO, choosing a VP partner is a no-brainer...Oh, I forgot Joe Biden does not have a functioning brain!!! Vote Trump 2020.

The shooting outside of the White House grounds yesterday afternoon should not be taken lightly. And....I am certain the Secret Service is given it full attention, inside & outside. The Desperate, Democrat Party wants POTUS out of office in any way they can get him there!!! I have full confidence in the POTUS Secret Service to protect POTUS, 100%. A Trump re-election means political death for the entire Democrat Party for many years to come. So, good folks, Vote Trump/Pence, all of you!!!

Is Jill Biden actually Joe Biden? This AM, she firmly stated that "Joe Biden, will be the one person that will choose his VP running mate"...period. But, just last week in an interview with Dana Perino (FNC), which I viewed, Ms. Jill Biden clearly stated that both Joe & her had decided on the VP candidate choice. Then seconds later, Ms. Biden altered her remarks, saying it was a Joe Biden call. Methinks, Ms. Biden is both the Master & Head Mistress of the Biden household.....Vote, Trump!!!

Although this is well known, please keep in mind this evening, the great, Mark Levin will host USA, Attorney General, Bill Barr on his FNC show commencing at 800 PM, Eastern Time. This is one TV episode you should not miss for numerous worthwhile reasons. Not saying much information will be revealed, but the direction will be laid out to some degree. "Brennan" has sung to save his own neck. Many low life are involved up to their teeth, Obama, Biden, Rice, Clapper, Comey, Brennan. Tune In.

POTUS Trump does a crushing number on Democrats, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden & the entire Democrat, Traitor/Turncoat political party!!! There is an old NY saying....that has become universally accepted..."If you mess with the bull, you get the bad taste & touch of his sharp, probing, deadly, horn!!! Nancy, the drunk witch, Chuck, the NY Momma's boy, whimp, cry baby, and of course...the dumbest of the dumb buffoons, Democrat, Joe Biden!!! All of them, this morning...badly burnt toast, period!!!

Don't need tons of words here. Trumpie just did a number, on Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and the entire Failing Democrat Party. Dems thought they had Trump against the wall.....not true. You mess with the only end up getting the horn. Can't wait to hear the moaning, ranting & raving from the Democrat living scum & vermin!!! The Drunk, The Mama's Boy & The Biden criminal , nutcase will soon realize that Trump did a number on them...big time!!! Go Trumpie/Pence, Go GOP!!!

NY Democrat, Governor, Cuomo & Democrat, NYC Mayor, De Blasio beg ex-New YorkTaxpayers to return to NYC as the state of New York heads for bankruptcy. caused by these two Democrat low life morons. As an Ex-New Yorker....I can assure you that NYC & state is as dead as any city can be....given that drastic status caused by the turd twins Cuomo & De Blasio. I pray to heaven that Trump does not give these goons one cent..period!!! They have destroyed the #1 city of the world!!! God help NYC!!!

Democrats, Nancy Pelosi is a ravaging, rambling, uncontrolled, drunk,alcoholic, Chuck Schumer, is a NYC whimp, crying, "Mama's Boy", Joe Biden, is a sad sack, buffoon, idiot, bereft of a properly functioning brain & Barack Hussein Obama, is a "Magic Negro Criminal" that has lost all his magic....which actually he never had any!!! Trumpie has correctly told & advised them all to take a walk. The USA no longer has need for their criminal & crooked services...period. "Adios"!!! VOTE TRUMP!!!

Some say, as I aged, I became a pretty good negotiator. I learned the ropes doing that from my mentor, an MIT Grad & WWII Navy Pilot, John Frieberg . Why?...Mr. Frieberg taught me to listen, watch faces & remain silent until timing was right!!! So when AG, Barr was grilled by Democrat, Nutcase, Jerold Nadler....he kept his mouth shut & sat there letting his face mock the Democrat, Scum & Vermin, Low Life, destroy themselves verbally!!! Just the stern grin on Barr's face said volumes!!!

Folks.... Just a hint of the great, Mark Levin having AG, Bill Barr as his guest this coming Sunday evening. Although Barr will not spill the beans.... I believe he will have the canary smile on his face and his spoken verbage. The chickens are soon coming home to roost.....The Chickens being Obama, Biden, Rice, Comey, Clapper & Brennan, etc.,...and more to boot!!! Tune in folks....The goodies will be out around Labor Day, in early September!!!

POTUS, Candidate, Democrat, Joe Biden, believes & states openly, that all African-Americans have no diversity in thought or ideas. In his mind they are naught, but, lowly plantation dwellers lacking brains. Sort of like very young children!!! But....Hispanic/Latino-Americans are full of diversity of all sorts!!! How...any African-American could ever support and vote for this sick puppie, Joe Biden is beyond objective comprehension. Biden belongs in an old age home!! Go figure , folks!!!

James , son of Rupert Murdoch has resigned as a board member of Fox News. The ultra liberal James was upset with brother Lachlan....the more conservative of the two, over Fox News TV content. Fox News leads all news cable TV channels operating in the USA, FNC & FBN by large margins of viewers, millions!!! I believe it would both a smart move across the board, if Fox becomes a 100% Conservative TV network 24/7/365...period!!! The FOX TV viewer ratings would go through the roof. Do It Fox!!!

Trump out raises Biden in July POTUS fund raising by a hefty
$25,000,000 dollars.($165,000,000 bucks) raised in total for the month. Trump & the RNC have over $300,000,000 cash on hand & the Trump Campaign & RNC have surpassed the one billion dollar funds raised, mark!!! Sadly, Biden has hardly any campaign to speak of, no bumper stickers, no campaign signs, no one watching his events, & not one iota of Excitement, MoJo, Enthusiasm, by supporters!!! Obama, Harris, Rice, no help at all!!!

Yesterday on the Dana Perino FNC show, her guest was Jill Biden. Perino asked Ms.. Biden if her husband Democrat, Joe Biden had made his choice to choose his VP running mate. Her immediate answer was...."Yes, we have up our minds & we are just about there!!!" Then she quickly corrected herself & said, "Joe, has made his mind up on his choice for his VP running mate"!!! we know who calls the shots for the demented useless, Joe Biden....his wife, Jill!!! She has never got one vote!!!

Republican, Senator Martha McSally with only 11% of the Senate Primary Election in Arizona counted, has been declared the winner by the Associated Press, with a current 414,000 votes and counting, another massive victory for the GOP this evening. The two Senate wins tonight achieved by Roger Marshall in Kansas & Martha McSally in Arizona go a long way in aiding the GOP to hold the Senate in November!!! Folks, get out there and vote for POTUS, Donald J Trump.. It is an absolute must! Do It!!!

Kansas, U. S. Senate primary election is easily won by GOP Congressman, Roger Marshall.. with forty percent of the votes counted, Marshall has a vote lead of over 25,000 votes & counting over opponent Kris Kobach!!! The Republican senate seat of retiring Senator, Pat Roberts is now a sure hold and win for Trump and company in the great state of Kansas. Final vote tally will show, Marshall wins with a massive lead!!! "India Maria" is right on target. Vote for Trump, everyone!!! Do it!!!

The NBA/MLB TV fans is now half the number it was when sports returned. Why, the Knee Takers!!! The Civil Rights Movement was terrific, but IMHO, both the Korean & Viet Nam wars brought more Whites, African-Americans, & Hispanics together in military operations then all the civil right movements put together. Nothing like being in harm's way & having your brothers, sisters, & buddies defending your back. These actions led to friendships understanding, intermarriage, etc. throughout the USA.

If I were re-elected POTUS Trump!!! I would immediately declare all Public School Unionized Teachers as fired. Then I would turn the entire public education system personnel into essential public workers, No unions, No strikes and convert all public schools to Private, Religious, Vocational, & Specialty Schools. POTUS, FDR fought for non-union Government workers, a great idea, IMHO!!! This teacher union farce has to be tossed in the trash bin. Our kids are our future. Do it Trump!!!

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