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Proof positive of what @ThomasWic has been telling us the importance of the Sword Dance in Riyadh was to totally shift everything over there from an American solution to one of the GCC laying the grounds for a regional one.

This is the beginning of the citizens of those countries having skin in the game for their futures of prosperity and peace.

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Such a wonderful story of kindness and found love.

Here's an article on her with one update from Erin ...

EDIT: The search has ended for John. He saw the post and appreciates every single person for the kindness. Thank you to all for your help.

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@jeauxy @Cdubois @StevenDouglas @ThomasWic
👏😂😎 ok, hell.. I'm just going to go there and say it.. if you're really singing this tune around the house, even occasionally, (I know... I'm giving you some wiggle room here...just saying 😉) she's for sure thinking she struck gold and that you're the most adorable man on the planet...😏

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STORY TIME with a few shots of bourbon 🥃

Comrade Fudge

1) Well, impeachment's about to start again?

Well fuck that noise.

Crack open the bottles.

Drop in a bit of ice.

Pour in the bourbon.


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@jeauxy Others have told me that also. I'll give it a try but if 2 months from now I'm 10 pounds heavier I'm hunting somebody down 😉 @WarriorPoet

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Y'all are going to love Jeff Sessions again 😍 unless he's a double double double double agent.😂

Fox News: Jeff Sessions dons MAGA hat again in new campaign ad.

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@jeauxy @WarriorPoet @ThomasWic

sounds like you did the right thing, selling the "clothesline machines" for something you really do use and enjoy. I usually never have clothes hanging on my machines unless it rains. Usually you might find something hanging on my teeter hang up machine.I like using it but have had a bad sinus infection-hanging upside down's not an option.neither is 3 doxies trying to hang upside down with ya 😂 (yup, they do,smh lol)

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@WarriorPoet @ThomasWic

lol i used a stock photo ..i have laundry hanging on mine now..couldnt dry them outside today-its raining,lol

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Because I am older and have arthritis I don't push a lot of weight.

I do different muscle groups everyday. Doing every machine but low weight and lots of reps.

Despite the minor pain I feel pretty good about the whole thing

Thanks for the reminder that I needed to get off my butt

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Well I decided to take your advice and start losing some weight.
My diet did not need a lot of altering as we eat pretty well but I did drink a lot of soda and have stopped that.

My biggest problem is that I sit a lot. Even when I am working I am sitting on my butt.

So the wife and I started going back to the gym

Just got through day 4
I feel like wet spaghetti

But I have lost 15 pounds.

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My take on today is that it's the end of Adam Schiff. It was a monumental failure and debacle for him.

Schiff has now utterly failed his masters, Obama & Clinton.

Like the mafia, Democrats are even more vicious with their own, than with their enemies.

IMO the spotlight is now on Pelosi, who will know that the only way out for the Dems after this debacle (is probably already too late) is to shut this clownshow down and destroy Schiff.

Let's see what happens.

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The Podesta brothers have been awful quiet lately ... I'd love to see both of them swept up in the investigations....

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But I'm not bitter.

I have every reason to be, but it's not hard to NOT be bitter.

Donald John Trump is my president.

God is good.


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Well, well, well ... will ya look at what we have here.

Wonder what 's got to say about all this now that the bank records have been leaked 🤔

Michael Coudrey


Leaked documents from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office indicate complex money transfers from foreign sources into the control of a “slush fund” owned and operated by Devon Archer, John Kerry Senior, John Kerry Junior, Heinz Jr, and Hunter Biden.

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Grandpa Rooster said he's doing this because we didn't ask him nicely.

He's quite the kidder.

If we'd asked nicely, he would've continued doing what he's doing. Whenever my brother pointed out where he was being dishonest, he just shrugged.

That gives me 100 percent free rein.

I've had to do this several times before. It gets easier each time.

This guy WILL move his roosters,


He just doesn't know it yet.


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Four fatal flaws in the Democrat strategy since 2016:

- they don't understand that many (most) Trump fans support him precisely because he is neither a Republican, or a Democrat

- they wrongly assume that the post Trump USA is best understood by using the frame of the pre-Trump USA world (Democrats vs Republicans, a sleeping population, all powerful media)

- they underestimate the smarts of ordinary people and overestimate their own

- they overestimate their own influence & support

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@WarriorPoet @DonnaLea @watch4thedrop

Man may have invented chastity belts.

That's when a woman came up with the idea of a locksmith.

They've been a step ahead since.

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