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My son eating his first crawfish at 9 months old. He LOVES them 😂 I was 10 y/o before I ate my first crawfish!

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I just snapped these

Over 20 years ago we toured all of our Nations National Parks, well the ones with RV camping available

The art on the wall is of The Narrows in Zion

Each shade on the picture is of different types of indigenous woods, cut and inlaid

On the back is all the info, I'm too lazy to take it down to photo

Absolutely stunning to me, I had to have it
Utah is beautiful!

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Memories, I remember going down Sal's, sitting in a little booth with knee high walls, and a friggin door! take of my shoes, and Sal would rip and beat and hammer and curse, 10 minutes later, I had new shoes!

If I was good, mom would let me get Taps on the heels!

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Years ago I took my family to Lancaster, specifically for the Amish culture

We hop into Josef's buggy(wife/5kids/me/yay!)

It was actually a wonderful experience, I did however spring for the Grand Tour, which took all darn day

We found out my beautiful daughter JoAnna is allergic to horse hair, poor child had to suck it up, daddy wasn't gettting a refund!

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I make my own noodles for chicken noodle soup

We lived in the Adirondacks, and winter was like 6-7 months a year

Hearty soups were needed and wanted

Down here in the deep south, I don't cook too many soups and stews, but if there's a chicken in there, I'm making noodles!

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Never amazes me what folks will eat

I've been to a few countries where I knew I was going to starve to death because I ain't eatin that crap!

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I was in awe when my Yankee butt first arrived out west in 1973
Started drilling for oil, and wound up drilling in some of the most remote places, with some of the most spectacular views imaginable

Gosh we have a beautiful country, and I have had the pleasure of touring it multiple times

With plans to head out again

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Nope, on the Scrapple, Head cheese tastes better than it looks(not much) and even if you put a Glock to my head, I will never try another blood sausage


This guy is off his friggin rocker

These criminal pricks may be clueless, but they had one hell of a coup planned. And almost pulled it off. These are not stupid people

Thank God, in this case for blind hatred

Most of all

Thank you Father, for President Trump

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Actually, the Hildebeast was right.

Tulsa is, indeed, a Russian asset. One needs not collect a salary or have any contacts with a foreign entity to be an asset. Her actions and statements systematically favor Russian policy and weaKen the US position.

Of course, that also applies to "Mrs. Reset" as well.

This is going to be fun.

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