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3) @drawandstrike
So it might be a good idea to remember how the UK ended up treating the guy from back in 2017 for his heroics in taking on knife-wielding terrorists.

By insisting he take classes to prevent his becoming an 'Islamophobe'.

These people are nuts.


Nope, it's this darn cold I have that has my eyes teary.

I stand

And Salute Gunner, Donald M. Clark.

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Poor tired Dems, it's like Trump is running 24/7 fire drills on a rest home.

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QV users are insulated from the deliberate slowdown of the news cycle every holiday season.

Just wanted to point that out. :)

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Nope, DJT has far more important things to do at the NATO conference with the latest news like Merkel's suspension of the freedom of speech to protect the freedom of speech.

Like them not ponying up on their commitments to the Ukraine aid.

Besides, the only thing that Nadler can effective chase is a hot dog cart and they don't move.


I can take all the winning

But he's killing me from laughter!

How can one not love this man

Miserable bastages!

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Thank you sir.

You go use all the Emojis you want...... won't hear a word from me

@Wendy @Lisa22

Pam's Purple Door Deadwood

There was a Red Door in Lead

Likk er in front, poke er, in rear

Saloon's motto in both towns

@Wendy @Lisa22

Lead, and Deadwood were a flippin blast in the 70's and early 80's! Thank you Pam!

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@EarlThePearls @Wendy @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis

I wish I knew what you were all talking about. Some how I think I might be doing it all wrong. Every two years I buy a new laptop, and toss the old one out. The Probook I'm on now is do for a swap soon!

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I'd never seen a torpedo owl before, thanks for the share, that's amazing.

This one is Saul M. @Debradelai Montes-Bradley II zeroing in on stupid.

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@Wendy @NevadaJack

You are assuming they have thoughts. I think they just have reactions.

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@Wendy @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis
I have been moving, and we didn't have internet at the new location. So my son used to Samsung Galaxy S10 plus to get internet which is then connected to his laptop which is then cast to his smart TV.


Seems that works, it shut up.

Both times

If people cower, or give in, it will never stop

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