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My advice?

Make you Last Will and Testament NOW

Settle all you Affairs

Buy Gold

Stock your Bunker

Bend over, place your head between your knees and kiss your....No wait, that advice was for a Nuke attact......

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Trump BAIT.

'Trump is physically/mentally ill'.

God this guy is good. Trump is amazing.

Mind you, his enemies are really, REALLY dumb.

So wait for it. 'OMG POTUS is, like, mentally ill! 25th 'mendment etc etc etc ' INPEECH!!

The FakeNews can't help themselves. Trump controls them. Total LOSERS.

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Well I found one good use for Twitter

Trolling Tom Arnold


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Contrary to the whiny democrats being featured in the sham "hearings" this week, career 'diplomats' feelings about foreign policy are largely irrelevant. Our president sets foreign policy whether the bureaucrats like it or not. Not to mention the fact that the 'diplomatic corps' is heavily staffed by Ivy League grads and democratic policy wonks. And we have absolutely no legitimate need for a State Department with 75K employees, either.

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What a miserable bitch.

She is not a hostage in Tehran.
She is not a casualty of Clinton's incompetence in Benghazi.

She is a political operative allied to the people who gave us the hostages in Iran and the corpses in Lybia.

A mystifying, two-faced, lying gargoyle with no morals, principles or sense of decency.

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No money flowed from Ukraine to the Trumps
Money flowed from Ukraine to the Bidens
This isn't hard

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TRUMP CAT™️ Tweeted

MUST SEE VIDEO!: Bill Bar takes the gloves off! Calls “an occupying military power!” 💥🥊

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beautiful WIFE, I seem to have left out the most important part of my toot

I may be a grumpy old man. The only people I like driving past my front gate are, my beautiful, 3 of my 5 kids, and my neighbors dog. NOT the neighbor.

Uh oh, someone just passed my front gate, I hate unannounced company! I'll be back when I toss them the hell out!

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@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Kathleen @jeauxy
What a great dread this turned out to be. Had a fair amount of sadness in my life recently so the laughs are appreciated.


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He sold into the lies (by China thru its spies) in his era that he shouldn't poke the beast while it was waging war with us.

We receive equivalently targeted lies of our era from them during this war. They update their lies regularly.

It's our job to win the war, not lose it.

Remember: the war China wages against us is after invention of nuclear bombs. It has all those facets of design. Stop sacrificing yourself on the Aztec altar by saying "oh how kind of them not to nuke all Earth."

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Talking about clownshows, it's 15 November 2019 and the ugly Obama Cathedral STILL hasn't even received preliminary approval.

Oh my sides. LOL

As I've been saying for ages, Trump is going to erase the fraud known as B H Obama from US history. A POTUS who hired Joe Biden as VPOTUS is a CROOK. Whoever Barack Obama really is, he's finished and never coming back.

I maintain he will be the first POTUS imprisoned. By then he will be exposed, though.

Good riddance.

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