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It’s getting ridiculous! I still do not know anyone who has the Chinese virus. I don’t even know anyone who knows anyone who has the virus in my state. YET the governor of MS issued a stay at home order today. It begins April 03 and ends April 20. Something is definitely very fishy about the reaction we’re seeing.

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Don Saul vocalized this a days ago and it is being seen , at least on some levels as an overreaction. Some of solutions seem like amputation to cure hangnails.
There comes that point when certain entities are overreaching.
Just an impression and if I am wrong, I’ll withdraw my impressions.

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@jeauxy My brother and SIL live
in MS. I called him yesterday, and
they have been self quarantined
for the past two weeks....age
and underlying health issues.
Bless your wife for her care and
concern for her patients. Please
thank her for me. ❤️ 👩‍⚕️

Mississippi, as of 5pm fri, decided we need to stay home

My beautiful wife works in health care, per her employer, essential. My wife is an OT(occupational therapist)

She agrees, I don't, I mean do a sit up, ride the stationary bike, haul your lazy butt down the hospital corridor, do something for a few weeks besides wait for someone to tell you to MOVE

Now, my wife will never read this, and I did not voice this to her, as she is dedicated to her residents, as her occupation

My plans

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We are experiencing what it would be like if the left EVER gain power!

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Assembly of the COVID-19 commemorative workbench/table is complete.

I might stencil a Biohazard symbol on the front when I get around to applying a finish. Made from salvaged pallet wood.

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Oh. Wait a minute, is that a full one or just half?

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Social distancing

Just like every other day

Front porch or back porch is my biggest problem

Oh, and did you see all the toilet paper hanging on my trees

For you city slickers, those are called leaves

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I've always lived close to rivers. Last place, there was a bald eagle nest less than a 1/2 mile away. I had come out of my house, climbed in my car, and was trying to decide if I forgot anything when a bald eagle came swooping in and grabbed something in the street less than 20 feet in front of me.
Where I am now there is a nesting pair less than 2 miles away. Have been lucky enough to see them playfully flying overhead during mating season.

Major reason my bunnies live inside.

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Big surprise at the eagle nest this morning. The second egg hatched overnight.
This is the first little one begging for breakfast.

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😂🤣 I thought they were sending emails due to the quarantine.

PSA Don't open an email titled Knock Knock


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@jeauxy @umad80 @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @HectorHeathcote @Baline @masterblaster
Here's a picture of my ex-father in law. He's gone now and I miss him. He treated me like gold even though I divorced his daughter. I loved him more like a brother than an in-law. He called me big dummy. His family called him jackass because his initials were JA and he had big ears. A good man I will never speak one bad word about. 10 Mountain Div veteran.

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@jeauxy @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @HectorHeathcote @Baline @masterblaster

'Simple Son Of A Bitch' was my grandfather's name, at least according to my grandmother. 😂

I truly miss their banter!

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@HectorHeathcote @jeauxy @Baline @masterblaster @umad80

I thought I was "Jesus Christ!" until 5, because of my momma. My baby brother had the same name.

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Shawna Gawreluck

I made the mistake of telling my husband an early symptom of COVID is loss of smell.

He’s taken to passing gas in my vicinity & then when I react, informing me he is helpfully “performing a health check”.

He taught the children the technique.

I may divorce him.

12:25 PM · Mar 29, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

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Whitmer is an arrogant bitch!
That alone explains a lot!

She is a socialist demoncrap who wants to go higher up the food chain in the party. Maybe make a breakout bid for the top office or second to the top since both POTUS candidates are wobbly.

She is a career politician and knows no other way to earn such a comfy living sponging off the people!

She lies:
She did NOT file paper work for Federal funds— blamed Trump!

Did NOT allow drugs use—WILL blame Trump.

And people WILL die!

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