2. If Shorten had won, he would have been able to hammer the 'Liberal' Party (in Oz, they're the GOP) with SpyGate for years.

But people are now asking : how will Morrison manage the fallout?

Answer: he may have ALREADY done it.

I wrote this thread in March, arguing that a purge of Aussie SpyGate goons was underway. There was the sudden
'surprise' resignations of ambitious ministers.

BUT all who were connected to Australian intel / diplomatic circles.


1. For those following the monumental SpyGate scandal with attention, the election of Scott Morrison as Australia's PM is more significant than it might first appear.

Yesterday, I noted that part of Trump's rationale in delaying declass may have been to protect Morrison's election prospects.

Declass would have damaged Morrison's campaign, gifting victory to a leftist progressive Party, led by a character called Shorten, who I'm told is a corrupt SOB.

That appears to have been avoided.

@cmclark63 @Lisa22 @Davel495

The moment when Shorten called ScoMo a "space invader" in a debate was on the 6pm TV news in NZ last night.

Anyone with a brain could see that ScoMo had to get close to him to press the question he was asking, which was a crucial, simple question that voters needed him to ask.

Shorten was repeatedly evasive then tried to play the victim.

That alone showed voters who was the decent common sense Aussie bloke and who wasn't.

Shorten is a moron. LOL

AOC: If male politicians could get pregnant, there would be as many Planned Parenthood clinics as there are Post Offices. 💌📬
ME:Post Offices have been consolidating and closing for years! I’m good with this comparison! Just sayin..

I just saw an advertisement for the movie, "Tolkein"

if you're considering spending your time & money to go see this 'cinematic marvel'
just remember this

this movie is the leftist dream interpretation of the life of Tolkein

not a fact based docudrama

Facebook blocked Trump 2020 campaign advisory board member Jenna Ellis Rives from sharing a screenshot of a tweet by citing “hate speech,” but Rives believes this is a part of a deliberate attempt to censor conservative commentary until it is no longer timely.


13) It's all coming out. This is another reason tensions are so high between the US and China and Iran. I'll bet the drug trade leads to the Mullahs and the Communist Chinese Party.

12) Like I say it all a big international spider web.

Seems Islamic Jihad (Iran) and China are working together in their opioid drug war against the US.

"Last year, more than 49,000 Americans died from opioid-related overdoses."

10) Let's try to put this together.

Why would a high ranking member of Islamic Jihad travel to the fentanyl capital of China?

Any guesses?

You know what else go hand and hand with fentanyl...that would be opioids.

5) Side note: I noticed a little tidbit the DOJ threw into their press release for us. I'll explain...

As I say before the international criminal enterprises of terrorism, drug trade and political grafting are all interconnected.


1) Ali Kourani Convicted in Manhattan Federal Court for Covert Terrorist Activities on Behalf of Hizballah's Islamic Jihad Organization


Ahh....San Francisco on a Friday afternoon. 😂

Happy Friday All!

"🎵"Under the Milky Way tonight"📡✨

The antenna dishes at the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex softly aglow in the evening twilight as the stars start to shine above.

©CSIRO - Photograph by Alex Cherney.
@CSIROnews "


It’s a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching: researchers at the School of Medicine have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist.


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If I get my way, we'll soon have a new feature that will allow us to simultaneously post in Twatter when we post here.

Never retreat.

Never surrender.

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What I learned by observing President Trump actions for the last 2 1/2 years, is he never does anything randomly, without a plan and a purpose. I believe he is using the newly launched website to gather undeniable evidence of conservative censorship and persecution on social media, then he will drop the hammer on Jack and Zuck. How? I have no idea, but I'm sure his legal advisers have a plan. Expect your accounts to be reinstated by the end of 2019

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