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I watch people's use & often MISUSE of their Ego.
The wisest & most respected people in any Group, Tribe or Community are always those who SURRENDER their Ego to serve or look out for others.
Most Folks simply cannot separate value from desire.

Forgot about this - Obama is visiting SpyGate plotters (as has Clapper & others) overseas.

My take? O is fishing for info about what's going on - and O is probably making it clear that if they co-operate with Trump, they'll be exposed by his crew.

Prediction : This will fail spectacularly. Obama's malign narcissism means he overestimates his power and influence. These leaders know where the wind is blowing. Obama will be treated politely, but then dismissed with contempt, after he departs.


Jack Posobiec and Jim Hoft say that THIS is the "deep state" shutting down the "independent publishers and opposition websites" that helped Trump win in 2016.


Hi everyone!
Glad to be back!

Here's all the details.

And thank you for all your wonderful support!



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The last Democrat standing will be utterly unviable politically, having promised to be an open-borders Stalinist who will appoint only gangbangers to the judiciary, outlaw the First Amendment, create separate internal nations based on race, confiscate all income, and build nuclear weapons for Iran.

From Dr. Ned:

I further analyzed official data on Sea-Level Rise (from NASA), Ocean Heat Content (from Institute of Atmospheric Physics), and Sea-Surface air Temperature (from UAH satellite record). Results are presented on this slide: More evidence has emerged for MASSIVE DATA TAMPERING!


My Australian stalker has deleted all his Twitter accounts.

I had to show him that he was entering very dangerous territory by continuing with the death threats and doxxing.

From 2014, I've gotten death threats from the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, Hamas, American Nazis, Antifa, and various nutters.

This is how it always ends.

All I ask is to be left alone.

The Justice Department released a 33-page legal opinion today backing Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s refusal to release the last six years of Trump’s tax returns which means the Democrats will get nothing and like it.


Beer delivery you say?

Last year, I paid ~$600 in red light fines. In LI, you can turn right on red, I suppose I missed the signs that advised against those particular red lights. <Grumble>

“In the past weeks, Gov. @GregAbbott_TX has:
- Banned red light cameras
- OK'd beer delivery
- Protected free speech on college campuses
- Allowed kids to run lemonade stands
- Signed the Save Chick-fil-A bill
- Banned deceptive telemarketer calls
Let's all be more like Texas.”

Under Trump, the Saudis gave US access to everything.

They had always held back. Now, we've been given access to Saudi Arabia's most secret secrets.

So they can't be lying.

But they aren't the boogeyman. The notion that Islam is going to take over the world is a fear from the medieval period.

Look how Trump is handling North Korea. East Asians value "face" over everything.

Our previous policy had failed for SEVENTY YEARS.

Oman--the Switzerland of the Middle East--has called on the Arabs to modify their behavior in order to SHOW Israel that she has nothing to fear.

"But what if it's all a trick?"

It can't be a trick.

This is where a knowledge of the military comes in.

The Arabs and Israelis would have to set up Joint Operations Commands (JOCs) in order to work together.

Israelis are in Arab countries, in the command centers. They've been given access to everything.

"Oh, but maybe they're lying!"

If they are, we'll find out soon enough, won't we?

But they aren't.

They're sharing technology with us, which is why the US Army has created the experimental Multi Domain Task Force (MDTF).


Well well well well well well well.
My Bro used to call Moronic Trolls like this Cat Toys.
You bat them around awhile then EAT them.

The Iranian Tanker Attacks
Looks like it was wise for the U.S. to send naval assets to the Gulf.
wsj.com/articles/the-iranian-t Iranian Tanker Attacks
Looks like it was wise for the U.S. to send naval assets to the Gulf.

The reelection campaign for President Trump announced an all-day ’45 Fest’ tailgate party will be held outside the Amway Center in Orlando on June 18 in conjunction with the 45th President’s campaign kickoff rally being held there that evening.

Ticket requests for the 20,000 seat arena have topped 100,000.


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