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Guess what Afghanistan has?

Rare earth metals.

Guess who wants to corner the market on said metals?

The Chinese.

Guess who's bought and paid for by the Chinese?

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President Biden has, in fact, bestowed "advanced weaponry," courtesy of US taxpayers, not only on the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS, but also on Russia, China and Iran, who will doubtless now reverse-engineer the abandoned materiel.


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Always ask yourself - WHO BENEFITS?

This question is particularly important when you evaluate anything the Biden administration does (or does not do).

Take Afghanistan. Why would Biden suddenly blow up years of planning for a staged withdrawal, to gift the place to The Taliban?

Especially when the stakes are so high. Because Biden is KNOWINGLY gifting the place to those behind the Taliban.

Such as Xi & the CCP. Read this from 2019 - fascinating:


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If you want a clear example of the disconnect of globalist elites, just read this quote from a Biden chihuahua.

Not only is it the usual fluff you always hear from these morons, it is 100% wrong. In reality, the Taliban will have gold-plated backing from China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and their proxies in the UN, as well as without.

Just pathetic projection of weakness.



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While I was out today, I happened to sit next to a woman who works for the Crozier hospital system. She said they have 2 patients hospitalized with Covid in their entire system, sounded like 4 different hospital buildings.
She said way back during the spike they had 200. She said something is fishy and that the govt is going to do a lockdown in November just to rig whatever elections are happening this year (for a second rigged election.)

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Can ANYONE explain to me, in a practical and open way, how we can trust those who endorse and make us pay for the aborting of human life and try to convince us that they care about keeping US safe and alive? Truly need input, here.

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@jannadale @GenFlynn
Anyone who has watched the last 2 days and says it's stupid/proves nothing/is destructive to the cause/ is either lying about having watched, an idiot who can't understand the info, or is playing for the other side.
There is no other choice. The math proof alone is beyond compelling. And I forgot to mention Dr. Shiva's presentation.
These are some of the smartest people in the USA-- and they're on our side.

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Just read your comment about Mike Lindell and what a hero he is. Absolutely! What I watched over the last two days explains so much, particularly yesterday. Clements, Frank, Keshel, the young lady-- all of them delivered results that were mind-blowing.
You could feel the spirit of "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free" coming right through the screen.
Mike is laying it all on the line for this country. God bless him.

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China Joe is a national security risk. Or is it Moscow Joe.

Or does it matter?

The crook will sell out America to ANYONE.

In normal times, this latest revelation alone would result in Hunter Biden being arrested and Mr 10% removed - with immediate effect - from office.

The lines are now drawn. Anyone protecting this criminal family deserves what is coming to them.

That includes the secret service. They are protecting a criminal. They know it. How shameful they are.


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THIS is a news article whose sole purpose is to inspire fear, angst, and anger. The photo alone of marching Nazi's with Hitler leading the parade down the city streets is enough to make most hardy Jews shudder..

This Is 1938: First, They Came for the Unvaccinated

My point in sharing is to warn folks against the goofy hype often mixed in with most 'sincere' writings intended to educate and share goings on.

(Many HERE know this, but it's a good example to share..)

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Correct me if I am wrong, but did I just watch a video of the POTUS wandering into bushes at the White House, as Secret Service guys (traitors all) desperately try and work out what the crooked, deranged impostor is doing?

I must be wrong, because if that was true, America is sadly now an absurd and insane society, that no longer deserves respect.

As it no longer respects itself.

What's happening is disgusting and disgraceful.

A population held hostage by a tiny minority of evil scum.

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@mrddmia: "3 appellate judges appointed by 3 different presidents (Bush 41, Clinton, and Trump) unanimously ruled that the DC federal court 'clearly erred”'by keeping a 1/6 defendant in jail before his trial.

We have a *presumption of innocence* in America.

Judges must never forget this.


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