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36) "The judiciary was not intended to settle hypothetical disagreements." Yes it was. They consider hypothetical disagreements during arguments all the time. They have to in order to craft opinions that don't result in thousands of new cases over a single decision. Its bad enough with hundreds right now 😂

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@janis @Lonestar

Maybe Trump should hold classes at the White House and mentor the imbeciles, since they clearly are unable to learn while he is leading by example.

Put a clear warning label:
This isn’t finishing school! This isn’t about which fork to use in Washington DC.


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Brazilian deep state is as stupidly ignorant as ours.

"Brazilian federal prosecutors filed a court injunction on Monday seeking to bar the appointment of right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo as ambassador to the United States due to his lack of experience as a diplomat."

Hey, shitbrains, an Ambassador is a personal representative of the President, not a career sheister.

The President could appoint his parrot if he wanted (and often have done no better).

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Isn't it amazing that all of Trump's opponents are demanding that he go to war everywhere?

The thing is, OF COURSE Trump is addressing this issue behind the scenes.

He's just not telling bad-faith reporters what he's doing.


But if Trump publicly calls out China, they lose face, and then they start mass murdering people.

So Trump's approach is--shockingly--the best.

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Kambree Kawahine Koa

I never want to see another Democrat presidential candidate on my local news channel here in Southern California say again “No one is above the law” while they are the ones refusing to enforce immigration law

12:19 AM · Aug 12, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

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On World ، in , young people suffer from unemployment and poverty, lack of hope, lack of democracy and lack of security.
Let us be their voice

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My faith is in AG Barr getting to the bottom of the Epstein case; if anyone can, it's Barr.

Listen to the tone in his voice!

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@Debradelai @cstumpf750 @ThomasWic @Watcher9 @walterj

Its really awesome we have such knowledgeable/skilled people here who are so willing to share both things they find,humor,their art work etc or techno info if and when needed. Thank you Saul for giving us this platform-theres nothing like it anywhere else.
With the costs of running this platform, if possible please donate to this platform everyone. Lets all help keep it up and running and becoming even better and growing. ☺️ ❤️

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Trump worked very hard building real things. I imagine it really pissed him off seeing these swamp creatures up close and personal make more money than him just by laundering money for scammers, grafters and drug dealers while being protected by corrupt politicians.

Also watching the fake press tell the American people how wonderful these corrupt politicians were must have angered him even more.

They're all getting what's coming to them.

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It's clear now that Trump gave up on the political class at least forty years ago.

He knew that there would be nobody like him, so he worked out how to do it himself.

What makes Trump so brilliant is his incrementalism.

NOW, the new normal is those meetings with the press before he gets on his helicopter. No more taking questions in the Rose Garden

The press is impotent to change what's happening.

Trump has utterly defeated them.

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Trump has not yet begun to fight.

Wait until he does.

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4. There's been rumors of widespread sexual relations between FBI agents and reporters.

There are even photos of some in the FakeNews crowd wearing 'Comey is my Homey' t-shirts, for crying out loud. Ridiculous!

I have no doubt that it's true. Pete Strzok will be one of them. The guy is a full-blown sociopathic narcissist, a pathological liar and blowhard. Can you imagine him boasting about classified info with some young reporter? I can, for sure.

He won't be the only one, either.

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5. Trump had no option but to be patient and let the process play itself out.

To let the FakeNews destroy themselves with lies. And to trust in the common sense of citizens.

While keeping his ace cards close to his chest, for when the time is right.

End of the day, Nov 8 was the killer blow for FakeNews. Full confirmation that they'd lost their grip.

Ignore their 24/7 wailing. It's been downhill fir them, ever since.

The funny part? Even now, they STILL don't get it.

The end.

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@ThomasWic @Kat @drawandstrike @REX

Been holding off watching the Terrence tweet as twatter has gone mad..

Just watched it - magnificent just on it's own.

DJT twatting it out there to 60m+ is stratospheric trolling and as you say a gamechanger.


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@redwhitebluedude I hope someone helps this poor guy who commented. Apparently he has suffered a severe head trauma. @drawandstrike @DuaneCates

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