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Abortionists are the Soylent Green successors...

Check out Bernie...."Abortion is health care".....



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Cari Kelemen

Hate of President Trump isn't the whole story.

It's fear.

Trump knows how to look at the globe and see the flow of money.

And he found their money trail.

They've been laundering Foreign Aid dollars and enriching themselves for decades.

And Trump has proof.

It's fear.

9:40 AM · Jan 25, 2020·Twitter Web App

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@ThomasWic I wouldn't call it tacky so much as generic, lacking style or elegance. No creativity at all. The bland interiors are most likely to create a neutral palette in order to "sell" it. Simply bad design with no originality.

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@Judy I don’t concur that it’s too late. China has no idea what we’re capable of. And I’m not talking about the government.

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@Mipsel @HeshmatAlavi

Lots of people in Syria aren't who they seem.

With the US out of the area, the press loses interest.

That lets some pretty hard men and women get to work.

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While Trump uses past business tactics and practices as President, his former life and his Presidency are not comparable. One was a job, the latter a mission.

The former Trump employee, Barbara Res, is lying or playing for the other team. Or both.

Nixon was impeachable, Trump is not. If anything, Trump will double down and use the impeachment attempt against the Dems.

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Agree with most of this...de Gaulle as a bastion of freedom is stretching it bit far don't you think?

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There's literally NOTHING to worry about.

Trump prepared for this for THREE YEARS.

Let that sink in.

He doesn't need anybody's advice. Nobody on Twitter or Fox has anything of value to add to the conversation.

Just sit back and enjoy the show.

All is well.


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The time has come to STOP WORRYING about what others say or think.

Only Trump matters. He's in total control.

What he did was gain an unprecedented level of support by DELIVERING, and now he goaded the Democrats into threatening to remove him from office.

The "crimes" can't be explained.

And when you can't explain, you LOSE.

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@ThomasWic @Angela
If the dem mob start the proceedings, those proceedings will have the largest audience in the history of television. The entire world will witness the swamp getting drained of all life.

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Something's cooking with Scaramucci the Exiled Villain dissing Trump in an EXCESSIVELY LOUD, ATTENTION SEEKING manner. We've been here before.

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This is like appointing Wesley Snipes in "Blade" to craft relations with Vampires.....heh, heh

I read all these business articles that invariably add, "Trump 'desperate' for a trade deal with China."

No he's not! CHINA is desperate. Our president holds ALL the cards.

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@janis @billdavis @ThomasWic

We refer to them as "Thirsty Horses" (Can lead a horse to water, but they stand there looking at it)

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@ilumanous No surprise here. He is the law and order President who promotes such.

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@janis @billdavis @ThomasWic I find this site to be a breeze to navigate, yet way more sophisticated and convenient than Twatter. So glad I left the Twat behind. When folks post things from There over here I never bother to look. It would be like going back to the outhouse from a place with decent plumbing. No thanks.

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@Torchbearer - I understand the source of my personal frustration. Many who serve in the military do so to protect this great nation and preserve our way of life. And we've got a pretty good historical record of keeping the bad guys out.

What we didn't/couldn't/weren't intended to fight against was the enemy within.

IMO, that's by far the most significant threat facing our nation today. Those who ENABLE the fascist Anti-Americans.

They hide under the label of democrats.

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The air force pilot tells the commercial pilot, "We're almost out of fuel, so I'm going to use what's left to see how fast we can go in a vertical dive. I've got a bet with the general that we can get it up to Mach 2 before we hit. Wish us luck!"

That's how I'd want to be.


We are. You bet.


What a period we're in.

"It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times."


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America is one of the most compassionate countries in this world! First to offer aid to any (including “enemies”!) for natural disasters, contributes BILLIONS each year to poor & under developed countries & has spent so far over $450 BILLION on illegal immigrants just this year!

Meanwhile, we have our own CITIZEN hungry, destitute, sick & homeless! When do we focus time & money on them! And our Vets included!

What more do the socialists want from us hard working tax payers?

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