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"Mnuchin: US has 'very serious concerns' that Facebook's (cryptocurrency) Libra could be misused by terrorists"

This says to me two things...

1. The US Treasury is investigating the use of cryptocurrencies by terrorists organizations.

2. (Reading between the lines) The US government is investigating Facebook use by terrorist organizations.

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I hear you, and I am in complete agreement.
I'm old too. Soon this will be the next generation's battle.

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Ted Cruz is well suited for trench and front line work such as this. So glad he's stepping up.
I don't agree with him on everything, but I'll take it when he's on the right track.
This is one of those times.

In comes Trump. Those things kind of "un-happened".

This act is designed to put the pressure back upon the Producers (slaves) to support again, the nation.

When the time is right, the Elite will eliminate the Slugs freeing up valuable resources for themselves, and keep the Producers as highly efficient slaves, able to produce far more than an eclectic group of random humans, a much more palatable life to them.

Never let them get headed in that direction again

If this is a plan forwarded by an Elitist society, which it is, then you must consider that they believe in the caste system.
So how does this fit?

Break the lower caste into two categories.
Producers and Slugs.
Those who work hard and perservere will become the support of the nation. That happened.
Those who do not work are cared for by the Producers. That too happened.

Let the Producers become accustomed to carrying the Slugs. Again, that happened.

First, let me predicate that Democrats lie and their words have no meaning.

But let's talk about the "Raise the Wage" act.

It's sold as being a benefit to the lowest caste of citizen in these United States, The American Worker.
The Deplorable American Worker.

But what is really to be the result of this plan?

Fewer jobs.
Less hours.
Less people working, and this is the key to the plan.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.