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I noticed something about TW's stalkers, or haranguers.

Aside from the nascency of their accounts I noticed their attraction to conspiracy theorists.

Thomas isn't a conspiracy theorist. In fact he's a debunker of conspiracy theories.
And he's quite good at it!

I think their "fragile, eggshell minds" are torn apart by the dichotomy of the methodology.

Thomas delivers facts like his counterpart, the conspiracy theorist, delivers deliberate lies and misinformation.

It's too much for them.


Its like that movie where the guy has the glasses so he can see the propaganda and the disguised aliens interspersed in society around him.

Iranian propaganda... everywhere. And I see people just blindly parroting and agreeing with it because the bullshit-spewer threw in a MAGA.

SHOCKING Footage Of Homelessness In Los Angeles: What's Really Going On? 2019 Breakdown.

My latest update to this thread on Twitter:

"17 cases now, of people who recently died or were reported missing.

In most of them it's already clear their death is not suspicious or, if it is, there is no credible link to a political motive.

Sadly, that doesn't stop conspiracy fantasists spreading nonsense about them."

Arkancide is real - it's just nowhere near as prevalent as some think it is. I trust the Trump admin to deal with any genuine cases in due course.

@ThomasWic Our very great allies! God Bless Saudi Arabia!❤️🙏🏻💚🇸🇦💚🙏🏻❤️

@Baline I"m in shock. I was expecting a couple hundred dollars a day, at best....

Is there breaking news of congress asking for the arrest of Hillary ? Thought I just saw something ..


We owe these brilliant leaders our praise, our unconditional support, and mostly our prayers for God’s protection over them and The Cause!!!

I’ve seen photos of Angels on the battlefield, and now too have you.....we have a huge obligation to support what they have been doing in the Middle East for the World’s benefit!!!

And KSA is not a communist, ideological Psycho......He has earned our complete trust and we will be doing miraculous things together for generations to come....

There's no point in defeating the Houthis now, while the Iranian mullahs are still in power. The mullahs re-arm the Houthis after every war.

So the Yemenis are fighting a holding action. It's effective because the Yemeni army pretended to ally themselves with the Houthis and thus learned their secrets. Brilliant plan.

And imagine the courage it took to rescue General Saleh.

Qui audet adipiscitur.

Who dares, wins.

People underestimate Arab soldiers.

That's insane.


Hi everybody!
Twitter just suspended my account after this Intercept article.

The article raises many lies against me & was heavily promoted by pro-Iran regime accounts on Twitter.

I was not given a chance to reply.

I would appreciate it if you could use your Twitter accounts to raise your voice to Twitter & have my account unsuspended so I can reply to the allegations.

I have a thread ready.

Thank you in advance!


If you take nothing away from SQV but the fact that KSA and MbS are now America’s allies along with GCC, and the Stealth Reformation that King Salman implemented for all of Islam, then you are a far better informed citizen then probably 80% of Americans!!!!

Our MSM has done irreparable harm to a majority of viewers across the globe.....

We are living one of the most pivotal moments in human history.....Enjoy

I said in 2017 that Kim Jong-un is not the monster he is made out to be.

Sure enough, many "dead" people are emerging, alive and well.

The North Koreans were engaged in strategic deception, with the help of Trump.

So if NORTH KOREA and SUDAN can be saved, any country can be saved.


In World War One, the best assault troops were Muslim Arabs.

The 1st Moroccan Division of the French army trained US Marines.

The region is simply going back to its roots.

Tweet from GOP:

.@RepAndyBiggsAZ: It is anticipated that the number of people apprehended in 2019 will exceed 1,000,000... The number is staggering when you realize that the illegal population caught this year alone could almost rank as one of the 10 largest U.S. cities.

Response to : The Federal Emergency Management Agency is facing an unexpected challenge in meeting the needs of the many people affected by this spring's widespread flooding and violent storms: a strong economy.

Fresh idea for our administrators of our tax dollars: stop funding illegal immigrants... their housing, their legal costs, their healthcare, education, food. Re-direct the $ to our citizens going to hell and back in these true crises.

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