@Elaines2cents oh my gosh I cannot tell you how many comments I have read that have cracked me up. It sounds fake to be honest but it is hysterical either way.

@Elaines2cents I guess I missed something today. The comments in the thread are even funnier . Was lol all over the place

@NevadaJack @OldSalt and I got fat when I quit so when I want to lose a few pounds - I grab an ecig too so I don’t buy a pack and temp myself .

@NevadaJack @OldSalt I used to vape with zero percent nicotine. For me .. it was always about the act of inhaling and exhaling. It was a “destressor” for me. When I vaped I did not do the tobacco flavors. I found myself enjoying it too much and quickly phased out as soon as I could. Now I just do an ecig in a moment of weakness.

@OldSalt @NevadaJack don’t it can be far too enjoyable. The flavors are just yum in many instances.

@NevadaJack @OldSalt I was never a heavy smoker but vaping helped me quit as well and easily phased the vape out . I do miss a cigarette every now and then and when I have that sensation or uncontrollable urge , I buy a disposable ecig to get me through it. This usually only happens when I enjoy a couple of beers. The fact this was even up for a nan just pisses the ever living hell out of me.

@IrredeemableOne I thought Mallon was a trump supporter ? What is the story here ? Confused

@REX ordinarily I am a rather humane person but I would completely be okay with the death sentence for these waste of life human beings. Hate is not a strong enough word for me to use . My being a Christian means I should have forgiveness in my heart but I AM a rather flawed Christian .

@REX two dem governors in Louisiana and Kentucky sort of has me confident that their lies have been working and only our corner of social media has believed other wise .

@HunDriverWidow @wziminer like i said, hippa is just to screw healthcare professionals. 10,000 fine if you accidentally say someones meds too loud at the pharmacy or deliver it to the apt next door by accident and a neighbor sees it. google data mines millions of records? not even a fine.

@awfulangel @ThomasWic these are waste of life human beings. Seriously appalled that people like this exist.

Good read. Don't let the rest of the country become California.


The Seven Deadly Sins of California’s Political Establishment

In a world where truth, justice, and the American Way still exist—an America that still believes in some sort of ultimate accountability—what the Golden State’s elites are doing is literally sinful.

Americans would do well to look to California today, and whatever they’re doing, do the opposite. Before it’s too late.

In honor of returning good health of @Debradelai I pitched in an Lps worth of geld

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