@selah18 @Torchbearer @Mongo3804 @baldilocks this is exactly why I talk politics with my son who is 6. His nana is brainwashed by media. I knew the day he walked around my house chanting “ boo Donald Trump” that sending him to private school was not enough (thanks ma) . It became apparent to me that I could not allow my child to grow up politically ignorant and brainwashed like I was. I have a niece at Penn State- that is another story all together .


An old post of mine, related to something the writer said: that the accusation of racism is or used to be a career-ender. The comments are the most important part.


@bjssunshine Me, too!

You donated $50.00 USD to Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn Legal Defense Fund Trust

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The least we can do for this man is buy him a beer!

Mike Pence
When our President stands up to radical Democrats who accuse Border Patrol of running concentration camps, use anti-Semitic slurs to denounce support for Israel, and continually attack America, we stand with President

@Hunter @melody @REX

She’s a real racist... when she said “Everyday... I wake up in a house built by slaves.”.... I knew she has deep seated anger issues towards white people. The video where it’s clear she said “All this for a damn flag.”.... leaves little to the imagination that she has a lot of misplaced anger towards Americans and the country for a First Lady of the US. She wasn’t able to handle the slightest criticism... they made her beyond reproach.
No.... not the eyebrows.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @lynney didn’t arianna grande lick a donut and hurl a anti Semitic slur upon doing so ? Don’t recall her being punished but could be wrong .

@vince only going to help Trump . Those stupid fcks just don’t get it. They are not winning . People are refusing to stfu .

Happy Buy Mike a Beer Friday! After reading the latest Saul 3 part series we should be motivated to buy him a few beers !

How the hell did we get from patriotism to jingoism?

The answer is that leftists CONFLATE the two. Deliberately.

This country had to stop TWO WORLD WARS that the Europeans and Asians started.

That alone makes us the greatest country in the world.

Screw the New York Times.



Because of the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 and the California Lanterman Petris Short Act of 1967, there are no hospitals, and we can't put away ANYBODY.

It's called "deinstitutionalization."

A leftist idea. Today there 43,000 psychiatric beds in the entire country.


@ilumanous I don’t pay any attention to her and never liked her even when she supported potus.

I have amazing, earth-shattering news:

Just 2 months ago, democrats had more registered voters in Volusia County, FL: 136,000 (D) - 127,000 (R).

Now, Republicans have more registered voters: 142,000 (R) - 136,000 (D).

That's 15,000 new Republican voters!!

@Lisa22 @Sarah_Robertsyep and now that the video clearly shows what happened and a cop just did not gun down a poc ... they are blaming the police dept for not telling them sooner so they could have “closure “.. just wow

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