@EarlThePearls @Debradelai i made the 35 donation I s support of SQV . Let’s go fellow quods. We got to do more to support this place . Not entirely fair for Saul to be strapped with all the expense . This should be a community contribution to self sustain it . I am sure we can all afford 5 bucks a month . I am in for 55 mtd ...

@inverness01 @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell

Since I am forever asking someone to post the link (which @Debradelai does patiently each time ) I decided to look for it and do it myself ... my beer is purchased this fine Friday .... Now your turn!!!! Every little bit counts ... if I was a high roller I would do far far more but each Friday I will try and donate a little each time ...

It's Buy Mike A Beer Friday!


Finally changed my subscription to a benefactor ... one day I hope to make it even more. Please remember , even when they cuss us at times .... how valuable this platform is for us all .I work two jobs and I admit it ... I am too lazy and trust my follows to educate me .. I am forever grateful for The brilliant minds who “school “ me .. it was as easy as you said @Debradelai .:. Took all of 1 minute .. cancelled old one and set up new one ..

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