"The College Football Hall of Fame has been vandalized Friday night in downtown Atlanta during protests over the death of George Floyd.

Windows at the Hall of Fame were shattered, and then looting began.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “dozens of people were seen running in and grabbing items” from the Hall of Fame.

There also appears to be damage inside the building...“items inside were destroyed.”


What does this have to do with Floyd?

@Bunniesmommy it has little to do with floyd. It matter not that cop was arrested. It matter not what actual crime stats are. All that matters is the narrative pushed that white people are privileged and go burn the city down I guess .


And that's what's going to be their downfall.
They are actively planning these riots on twitter. I reported a few with hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets. Kind of hoping jack ignores as usual and the right people collected all the names involved. They weren't trying to hide or talk in code words - all out in the open on twitter. What supplies to bring, how to keep phones from being tracked, what to wear, how to cover tattoos/other identifiers...


Didn't see that mentioned by name but they seemed far too well organized for an organic "protest". To get so many likes, retweets in a matter of days on the main planning tweets does not sound random. And this was going on less than 24 hours ago? Then today's "protests" around the same time in major cities across the country?

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