I am still struggling to understand how in the ever ef the govt could just collectively shut us down and we are simply just doing it. Nothing feels right to me. I get I am a minority with this thought process but just not getting it . Just feels so odd . Trying to not wear a tinfoil hat but just so flipping nuts. Things are going great . Economy roaring and BOOM!!! I feel like In some weird way . The left won .. just this sick feeling I cannot shake.


They will never win. With everything they did up to now to take Trump out politically, this is their doomsday move.

Notice I said "their".

What is it that Trump has done on each of their moves?

He was always days, weeks and even years ahead of them.

True, it is a scenario that has scared the crap out of most everyone.

The only way to get the notice of the Dancing with the Stars type people is to have them directly effected.


Now almost all of them our paying attention. Kinda hard not to when you are declared non-essential and your boss tell you to go home and cool your heels.

Now every little thing is as real as it gets.

The media is imploding daily as everyone wants to see the latest and are watching the daily pressers.

Chanel Rion as a guest of the WH asked one very salient question and immediately the WHCA bans her when she was a guest of the WH.

Insufferable assholes!


Then the Demorrhoids are at it again mouthing their incoherent shit abut investigating Trump for their failures.

They are learning it is the Governors of their own states who are shutting things down.

They are actually learning how things really work and they are getting pissed and not at Trump.

So what does the media do? They cut off the direct coverage of the pressers right at the time when everyone worth mentioning and voting is seeing it all bared before their eyes.

@RonOgletree @inverness01

I work an evening shift (3 - midnight) so I usually get the pressers via youtube or C-Span. I look forward to them every night when I get home (streaming it now as a matter of fact).

@RonOgletree I know but not everyone gets this news . They don’t know this on a large scale .


You are wrong. Stop listening to the media, period. I am starting to wonder bout Lou Dobbs and how he lets on that those pressers are somehow live when I had just listened to them live on my hour long commute home.

I have not had the time to research it, but I watched the presser on Dobbs when I was seeing all sorts of tweets and toots about how much of an ass Roberts of FNC was and Trump shot him down.

That was never on the replay of the ostensibly live replay on Dobbs.

@RonOgletree oh I don’t at all. My friend does and I try and tune it out . Same friend whose brother told her today that every 3 minutes a New Yorker dies of cov19

@RonOgletree I think going on Twitter is too toxic for me . I see the derangement in there and assume maybe it is more in real life .


Twitter has for the most part degenerated into a circus of fools. We know those who are not and they like me go over there to skewer even more of the idiots with pot shots and long threads of wisdom they have never experienced.

@RonOgletree I just cuss them out . I am not as good at schooling as you all . I really just need to just go and read the feeds I want to . I just end up seeing a comment that sets me off and it is off to the races for me . The next thing I know I am cussing out multiple people . Just don’t get how this is happening. I am just stunned . China did this on purpose . I just cannot shake it


The very best way to get on their last nerve is to first remember they are fools and idiots.

Secondly, ponder your response well before doing it. Just that it appears to have not triggered you instantly works majorly in your favor.

Then use their words to directly slap them upside the head verbally with their own hand.

If they try to change the argument, bring them straight back without responding to their misdirection.

When they lose, they misdirect.

@RonOgletree see they trigger me .. I am like them. I just get pissed and have zero ability to engage them civilly. Twitter always brings out the hostile asshole in me


This takes practice.

There exists nobody in this world who can ruin my day . . . .

. . . unless I let them.

@inverness01 I go back and forth with feeling like yours. I just am not convinced we're being given the straight story. That the president isnt either.

@inverness01 I agree with you 100% and I get so angry at so many people begging for our freedoms to be taken away b/c “we’re ALL gonna die!!” Then I read stories of the ones who have died. So quickly. So unexpected. So healthy. Then, dead?? How many were going to die before corona came into the pic? Is it corona?? Or is it the circle of life that now everyone is hyper focused on?? I feel like the left wing as well😔

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