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Of course. Zero was president & he pretended to be very presidential. Look where zeros Presidential behavior led us: 8 years of criminality.

The thing about PDJT is that he’s breaking the mold for what it means to be “Presidential”.

Maybe, just maybe, IF PDJT had NOT been attacked & viciously smeared by DNC/DEM/MSM/Hollywood/etc starting on day 1 of his presidency, and given the same consideration Zero was given, things may have been much different.


@MarcusJ65 @freemo @vince @ThomasWic i would argue his disdain and hatred for police and the calculated way in which he divided this country was hardly presidential. Of course he waited to take that mask off . Lying about benghazi was hardly presidential and obama speaking off the cuff was hardly what FREEMO describes. Too early in the am for this..

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