Finally changed my subscription to a benefactor ... one day I hope to make it even more. Please remember , even when they cuss us at times .... how valuable this platform is for us all .I work two jobs and I admit it ... I am too lazy and trust my follows to educate me .. I am forever grateful for The brilliant minds who “school “ me .. it was as easy as you said @Debradelai .:. Took all of 1 minute .. cancelled old one and set up new one ..

@inverness01 @Debradelai don't worry about a little cursing, builds character. Also you ever noticed that it's only adults that are bothered by adult language? We have a bus stop close to us so kids are always walking by the house... they swear like sailors.

@WarriorPoet @Debradelai my mouth got me banned on twitter . I have a wee little opportunity with patience . I am just tired of them and their stupidity . One Portland idiot sent me over the damn edge and she can dish it out stalking the potus but the minute I called her out for what she said .. instead of giving it back to me ran to mommy and daddy twitter . Did me a damn favor any way . Bunch of degenerates over there . Have zero f left to care . It felt good telling her how i felt about her.

@inverness01 @Debradelai most of those people are idiot rolls with nothing better to do than sit online and say inflammatory things. They seriously sit there in their mother's basement and get their jollies tormenting whoever they can get to bite their hook. Not even remotely worth your time effort or aggravation. Besides that you could hit them in the head all day with a two-by-four and not change how they think.


her bio spoke volumes to the kind of person she is. Never ceases to amaze me how leftists don’t see their obsession with race as racism .

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.