So it seems that POTUS Trump lost almost half of his fortune while he served this country as president.

This in stark contrast to all other politicians who heavily enriched themselves in "Government service."

If this is true then all the breathless accusations of Trump being a grifter were just another example of the left accusing others for what they themselves do.

It seems to be a common trait among their ilk.

Butt wipes, All. 😠


Well, not half...but a nice chunk.

And you are absolutely right.

@ilumanous @Debradelai

yep. 4B is just what's listed. I imagine he's got a lot more.

@watch4thedrop @ilumanous @Debradelai Definitely has a lot of equity in Real Estate. Not easily liquidated at this time me thinks with half of the companies in NY downsizing because they realize most of their service staff can work from home.


Hey, remember when we were told that Trump is just looking to enrich his pockets and we're suckers who will line his pockets?

Fun times.

I hope he's writing a book. He'll make a killing and I'm dying to read it!

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