In reality Colt is losing money in the AR-15 market. There are many manufacturers of AR platforms taking profits away from Colt. So they decided to focus on Military contracts instead. ABC is being dishonest like every other leftist organization. We The People will not be swayed by such Fake news!

How to Bend the News.


, indeed.

@RealSaavedra: "This is pretty misleading

Colt is suspending production of civilian AR-15s because they need to fill orders for the military / police and they have tons of stock for civilians right now

They are going to resume civilian production once they’re caught up with the other orders"

@darulharb @icrewhelos -

and maybe they'll drop their prices to become more competitive with other manufacturers ...

@Lonestar @darulharb never going to happen. They think to much of their product. Which they should but thinking something doesn't always make money.


"In the wake of " is the weasel phrase they're using to suggest a connection between Colt's decision and mass shootings.

"Without evidence" of course.

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