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Democrats have an idea. Let's grab all your guns instead of focus on something that would actually improve life in America.

@RedNationRising: Average # of deaths per day in US:

Abortion: 2,408
Heart disease: 1,773
Cancer: 1,641
Medical error: 685
Accidents: 401
Stroke: 401
Alzheimer's: 332
Diabetes: 228
Flu: 150
Suicide: 128
Opioids: 115
Drunk driving: 28
Underage drinking: 11
Teen texting-and-driving: 8
All Rifles: 1

I was just thinking 🤔

There are more AMERICAN FLAGS ON THE MOON than at a democrat debate!

This one will grow some legs. Wonder how it's impacted the US Intel community?

Senior member of RCMP charged under securities act | CBC News

@holymolyrocky @STUinSD

Great synopsis! The 97% consensus is a absolute joke. I read the Doran & Zimmerman report years ago. They sent out a little over 10K faulty inquiries to people with questionable qualifications. Of those, over 7K didn’t respond. They ignored over 3K of those who did respond because they gave answers that didn’t support the human caused hypothesis. They used 77 who were mostly in agreement and took 75 who completely agreed. A consensus of 75 out of 77 to get 97%.

As usual Democrats display all the civility you can fit into a thimble.

Why would anyone claim to be a member of that socialist/communist party?

The left doing the same old same old. At least it sounds like the IG is calling them on their FISA/Russia bs.

The FBI relied heavily on the infamous and unverified Steele dossier in applications for the warrants.

The special counsel said there was no evidence of a conspiracy involving the Trump team. There was also no evidence that Page or any other Trump associates acted as agents of Russia.

Pension fund bailout. Most voters oppose. Huh? What is wrong with people? Everyone should be opposed to their money being taken and used to pay off union officials and others for their gross mismanagement of everything.

We live in the no accountability twilight zone.

Some of these Democrat candidates have had decades in office to "fix" America but all they can still talk about is how awful America is... And we should believe their promises? I'm going to vote for the President who speaks of how Great America is as he's fixing things!


We were having a think tank meeting with the team, and were talking about doing this.


🇺🇲 🇺🇲 🇺🇲

San Fran Nan now wears the Nadler albatross.

It's not going away. Jabba the Mutt has no crime and so it can never stop until he fabricates one.

Sharyl Attkisson article:

The Epoch Times targeted by smear campaign

And now they have another new subscriber, me!

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