Sean Spicier
One of the problems with looting in democrat run cities is the politicians have already taken most everything

Buck Sexton

The media has gone from covid shaming groups of 3 or more people peacefully enjoying some sunshine on the beach-

To saying not a word about the covid risks from riotous mobs densely packed and often unmasked, as they burn down a neighborhood

It was never about your safety

1:03 AM · May 30, 2020·

An earlier comment of mine about that the evidence room destruction may well be a get out of jail free card for many criminals could be accurate.

A must read thread by "Carlos"
Carlos Osweda

Everybody needs to understand what's happening:

This is a COORDINATED effort to both destroy black prosperity and make non-black Americans turn against black Americans.

The goal is to have a permanent underclass used as political pawns.....

From the comments:

Minnesota really knows how to pick ’em:
Jacob Frey
Tim Walz
Illegitimate Omar
Keith Ellison
Amy Klobuchar
Tina Smith
Mark Dayton
Al Franken
Walter Mondale

Judging from the police scanner it's much calmer tonight.

14,000 listeners on my app to St. Paul feed. 7,700 listeners to Minneapolis.

Look what I just stumbled upon:
"These riots are almost certainly a planned diversion from the release of the Flynn-Kislyak transcripts, which incriminate the FBI and the entire Mueller team. Criminal sanctions are coming! "


I suspect protesters, aka rioters, can be brave in the cities because they know the leaders don't lead and may even give stand down orders.

Head into rural America and you might be greeted with lead because those people are independent and fend for and defend themselves.

It kept the Japanese from invading in WWII didn't it?

CNN HQ in Atlanta getting overrun by leftist protesters that they themselves whipped into a frenzy.

Many are defacing and vandalizing the giant CNN logo outside the building.

You're watching Dr. Frankenstein get destroyed by his own monster.


Funny. They've been warned. Don't forget your masks and social distancing!

It's a good thing our 'betters' decided that making masks mandatory was a *really* good idea so that we can't identify any of these hooligans.

Am I allowed to use that word? Or is that as bad as 'thugs'?

Rudy W. Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani) Tweeted:

When the Mayor of Minneapolis asked his police to flee from their police precinct, he proved he is incapable of protecting his own people, their property or their lives.

This is the result of the criminal friendly policies of so-called Progressive Democrat mayors and governors

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