Well, well, well.. they shouldn’t trust her or Fauci near our ‼️‼️‼️‼️



I may have had some doubts before. This didn't help.

Realistically, people from both parties at the upper levels of society are so intermingled they are all connected in life.

@holymolyrocky @leslied_g

This isn't Dr. Birx's daughter. I did some research.

She even said she's a mother of millennial children.

I read a story of her giving birth in 1983. This would make her child a millennial the other obviously born later than that.

This Birx went to college, getting her bachelor's between 1999-2003. This would have been my years as a late Gen-Xer, having graduated HS in 1998.

Again, don't believe everything you read on the internet. The right can be just as bad.

@JM @holymolyrocky @leslied_g

I knew that any time you see people just posting things like this without context... you have to look further.

It just reminded me of the people who "look up" a mass shooters voting record and says, "Look, registered democrat!" and it turns out that they lied to stir shit.

You have to be VERY careful of things like that.

@umad80 @holymolyrocky @leslied_g

Good researching! We do tend to believe what fellow quods post.

Do your own research!

@umad80 @leslied_g

Thank you for the clarification!

I still believe there is an upper crust endlessly intertwined however.

@umad80 @holymolyrocky @leslied_g

@umad80 yeah, i saw that after I shared it (then couldnt find it to delete it)

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