NHL joins dozens of corporations in asking Senate to pass HR 1…

The NHL is now officially dead to me. Woo Hoo! More free time for me.

NBA just because Chyna, NFL because kneeling, Baseball because follow the leader, NHL because stupidity.

Eff 'em all.


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Take a BP pill before reading! Our military patriots are rolling in their graves.

Exclusive — Nellis Air Force Base Hosts First-Ever Drag Queen Show: ‘Essential to the Morale, Readiness’


No thank you very much. If I were interested in seeing a hell-hole, we have a large one right here in MN.

Portland is desperate for tourism… Ted Wheeler runs ad…


This is a satire site. The soiling I'm sure was only metaphorical.

5 Reasons Why Biden Soiling Himself At G7 Showed The Leadership Americans Desperately Need


Biden currently has the best of everything. Nobody holds him accountable, because..... you know, the thing.

He can't even hold himself accountable or be embarrassed, because..... you know, the thing.

He does however know about the thing because it makes him act out stupidly and some people tell him when he does.


The final blow to the Federal Student Loan program in my opinion was when Hussein took it out of the hands of the banks and into the hands of the government. The mean banks wouldn't be able to put the minor limitations they were using on it, and it would be a full payout to the corrupt universities, with the American taxpayers left holding the bill.

The universities kept raising their prices and the taxpayers became more and more indebted.


Another oddity is tenured professors who don't like to teach! And do everything they can to delegate teaching to their assistants/grad students, in order to chase grants and research funding fulltime. Keeps the bureaucrats busy, university funded, and actual education takes a secondary priority.

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Not everyone needs to go to college. We need plumbers, appliance repairmen, hvac techs, and truck drivers! I know several millionaires in these fields.

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