Donald Trump Jr.

Bloomberg JUST accidentally said he BOUGHT (QUOTE) the 41 seats which got Pelosi speaker.

He’s admitting to buying elections, just like he’s trying to do now. OMG!

8:37 PM · Feb 25, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Kimberly Klacik

I am so sick of these candidates talking about black people like we are helpless & hopeless.

10:00 PM · Feb 25, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

@holymolyrocky And to think someone went to jail for that very thing, but bloomberg is untouchable, apparently.

Sometimes I wonder what President Trump might accomplish if he wasn't faced with the 24/7/365 Democrat and media resistance.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs when one of the parties prefers to harm the country and its people because they refuse to accept a peaceful transfer of power as legitimately voted by the people.

The Democrat, now Socialist party has done more to damage our Republic than the Russians ever could in their wildest dreams.

I'm outta here. I am too old to waste another 60 minutes of my life listening to this crap debate.

Each of these clowns runs on (and on) when they cannot get their thoughts pared down to a 75 second presentation, and then whines when moderators call time.

Rude, horrible people.

I'd like to see them cut the mics when they go more than ten seconds over.

If by some chance Biden does get the nomination, it'll be because the Democrats will want his VP to become president as soon as they can declare him incompetent.

Can we have more debates so the entire nation can see how goofy these people are?

And we get Bloomberg commercials during the break for the slow learners watching the "debate"

This is a shit show.
None of these people is respecting the moderators or their competitors, they are ignoring time limits and hyper argumentative.

It is wonderful, all arguing about virtue signalling nonsense. They are not Americans.

Plus hating Trump.

@HunDriverWidow The little bastard who keeps on taking. And soon freelancers and small businesses will not exist in California. Voting Democratic in California is akin to giving yourself a colonoscopy with a lit stick of dynamite.

@Dawnz Clint Eastwood has been a favorite since Rawhide. It is shame he had to loose it this late in life.

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