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While the Democrats are howling at the sky somewhere, bedecked in their Halloween Handmaid’s Tale outfits, the real Party of Diversity is watching a woman Supreme Court Justice being sworn in by a black Supreme Court Justice. The Republican Party is the party of ALL Americans!


Good. Then the vote will be in prime time and far more people will watch it.

Everything the Democrats do backfires and boomerangs back on to them.

With no exception.

Barrett will be confirmed and there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it.

Their 6-3 nightmare court has come to pass.

We rejoice

A good day. 😎


What is more important to the future of the nation?.... Confirming Amy Barrett to the SCOTUS or maintaining a fleeting personal process objection?

If we lose our constitution the nation loses.

We know from history what the Dems would do. I am not in favor of a Pyhrric victory either from or for Sen Collins.

Are Recent Reports of COVID Surges an Attempt to Suppress In-Person Voting?

People I have spoken with are willing to walk through flames and broken glass barefoot in order to vote Nov 3 IN PERSON.


Donald J. Trump
The Fake News Media is riding COVID, COVID, COVID, all the way to the Election. Losers!



And a benefit of the political nonsense in sports is we are all learning that sports is an optional spectator sport. I don't need to watch it and I have learned to not miss it.

To mask or not to mask?

I dislike them but wear them when ordered or when in the company of others who are wearing.

Otherwise, nope! Not at home, not alone in my car, not outside unless people are around.


@ARmastrangelo: "I’ll be casting my vote for the guy that got impeached for a crime the other guy actually committed."


(H/T @DonaldJTrumpJr RT )

@ChanelRion: "$3.5 million to Biden's Rosemont Seneca from Moscow?

Try again.

The big question: If FBI KNEW there was a ***FAR BIGGER NUMBER INVOLVED*** why did they only tell Johnson's committee the number was $3.5mill?

Hint: 3.5mill was a payoff. What for?

Stay tuned. @OANN Exclusive."


(H/T @shem_infinite RT )

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