Donald Trump Jr.
Yikes!!! Out of 25 candidates, Dems nominee can’t even debate his opponent. If Biden can’t debate
how could he possibly stand up to Russia or China?

That’s right, he couldn’t and wouldn’t!

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Many many chickens coming home to roost for Liberals. Perhaps God has a judgment day planned for the Elitists.

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The Russia collusion hoax and Mueller witch hunt had its intended negative effect.

Pelosi’s last shrewd move as leader – supporting candidates who pretended to be moderates and funding them.

CA ballot harvesting.


Officer: "Did you get a look at the shooter's face?"
Witness: "It was covered with a bandana."
Officer: "Didn't you find that unusual?"
Witness: "No."

Of course homicides are rising.

Wild Matt Dumba kneels for the National Anthem.

And now, the NHL is dead to me. I don't really give a shit what it means for him. For me it means a lack of respect for our flag and nation and all the people who sacrificed and the many who gave up their lives for our freedom.


I have a real dilemma. Should I watch grass grow or paint dry?

Get Woke, Ratings Choke? NBA, MLB Slide After Openers

Congressional exam.

Wouldn't it be cool if they had to take an exam before every election, attest to their oath again and adhere to it?

Fat ass chance of that ever happening!


Of course not. They have a reason. It's not an acceptable reason, but it their reason nonetheless.

I wonder why that would be?

Studies show countries using hydroxychloroquine have far fewer COVID-19 deaths

Certainly USA politicians aren't letting people die for no reason?

"Authorities in New York City are ramping up efforts to crack down on massive parties and other large gatherings as more videos pop up on social media showing mask-less revelers flouting the rules."

B bb bbb but....protests are still good, right?

It's almost like the Dems have found religion. They are praying to dear God for all they are worth to keep everything hidden until after the election.

Ruh roh! Zero was a bad boy. Lucky for him our dual justice system will not hold him accountable.

New Disclosures Confirm: Trump Himself Was the Target of Obama Administration’s Russia Probe

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