@holymolyrocky they were the coolest of all the sporting characters i shot for magazines...

I love your handle "Hockey Mom". Hockey is the only sport worth a damn and hockey players are so much more integrated into reality than athletes from any other sport.

Womens soccer: The first thing I would do is change the locks. I will personally NEVER watch these ungrateful unpatriotic bitches again. Of course, I never watched them in the first place.

Equal pay? How many turds does that take?


@paul_schmehl @JohnCParnell

If that's the type of team we have representing America, I'd rather not have one. Utterly disgusting.

Nice to know that public officials at every level can no longer block people on Twitter. It's amazing what can result from pure hatred of a person.

@jon SQV is the best. So many great contributors. @STUinSD is also one of my favorites. I was looking for a thread on how to engage members of the resistance but I can't find it. Basically is said be calm, avoid emotion, use facts, and smile. Smiling is apparently very disarming. I did find a fact thread from Stu.


Oh my goodness, have been popping in and out for short visits and cannot even get caught up with all that is going on.
I do not usually, but am sincerely asking for prayers.
Have been running (in a figurative manner) to the doctors and physical therapy every day since last Thursday. They could not find a pulse in my feet so gotta go back tomorrow for sonogram (sp) will see what happens.
Love you SQV warriors. You are in my prayers. SQV is our last hope, but with Pres. Trump will be great.

Law is too confusing for me. Now you get subpoenas for wanting to do something you haven't yet done?

The House will “soon” vote to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary William Ross in contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas for documents explaining the administration’s rationale for wanting to add a citizenship question to the census, Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote in a “Dear Colleague” letter on Monday.


Why do I think this is going to be relevant once the Dems settle on a victim for their ticket?

Oh the precedent they set and the tricks they are teaching us.


Starbucks: Hopefully deservedly swirling the drain. Apology says nothing about overpriced bad coffee or bias against conservatives.

The Starbucks modus operandi: Screw up, get called on it, insincere apology, do something else stupid next opportunity.

They are what they are. That is their culture from the top. Don't expect it to change.

OK, taking Wictors advice and shutting up. Have a safe and joyous 4th of July.

I'm still on the Trump train. To not be on it is not an option.

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