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@ThomasWic @DonnaLea
Pulse nightclub SHOULD HAVE BEEN a wake up call (2 FBI Investigations)
Parkland SHOULD HAVE BEEN a wake up call. (His aunt contacted the FBI & warned about him.)
Until the American People put their foot down about CLEAR Red Flags nothing will change

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Are generic drugs safe?

I have instructed my pharmacy to flag my file with "no prescriptions from China to be filled for me!"


"...With more than 80% of the active pharmaceutical ingredients now coming from countries such as China & India, this was a big task. What she uncovered was a shocking story of incompetence, fraud & coverups among companies making generic drugs..."

Just how transparent is the FDA when it comes to problems with generic drugs?

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The 67 Genders are labels for sexual acts or fetishes

Think that over , you go from man or woman to some sex act. Which is what they do to SEX slaves

Your KIDS are being reduced to see themselves as a sexual act

Perverse ?

YES and in the worst way

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One of my first ancestors in America was Richard Sutton, who came to Jamestown in 1607, didn't like the swamp and ended up in Georgetown, Mass. His son Richard (there is a Richard in the family in every generation down to my son), was born in Roxbury in 1621 and the family stayed put.

After the 1850s, they started marrying into just about every migration wave to hit the shore.
My Italian grandmother was from Verona, and fits your momma's description to a T.

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That Woman was my mother, and I was that Child! 💕 Andrea Bocelli on Abortion.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.